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Faithful/Uncompressed Sounds & More Sound Variety

A Sound Mod for Portal

Unclog your ears! Hear the sounds again in HD!

This is a WIP pack to restore sounds to their original quality, as well as throwing in similar sounds for variety, enhancing the base experience.

There are a few liberties taken that I will take care of as I go on, and is absolutely not complete as there are still tons of sounds left to go. This is really old and originally a personal pack.

Notably, this mod enables some tabbed out voice lines for the turrets. I assume this was because these lines are more corporate centric and less """"innocent"""", but having heard this turrets speak the same lines over and over, I don't think anyone would mind the variety.

NOTE: This will probably not work, I'm trying to figure out a better solution

To use this mod, first download the base mod here, then download this mod. Put the base mod in hl2/custom (If there is no custom folder, create one), and edit portal's gameinfo.txt. 

In the brackets of SearchPaths, under "game+mod portal/custom/*", copy that line below and edit that new line to point to the base mod. So in my case, the base mod is located in a seperate game - "portal/custom/*" would be "../Half-Life 2/hl2/custom/*" (It actually points to every mod in the custom folder, but contains the base mod's vpks. You can specify if you want).

Make sure this new line is under the original line, and any before it so it takes the least priority. This is to ensure that the base mod doesn't overwrite your other sound or script mods.



Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Sound


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    OK, I got it working and tested it out. A couple notes.

    1. GLaDOS's voice was the first thing I noticed. Her voice being uncompressed makes it sound like she's speaking directly into your ear through an earpiece instead of speakers surrounding the whole room. Might wanna change that.

    2. It also seems to overwrite the sounds of other mods I've added, like Portal 2 Portal gun noises, or at least, the Zero Point Energy pick-up sound.
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