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Quake/Doom/HalfLife sound pack! (V3)

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2 Classic


Quake/Doom/HalfLife Sound Pack (V3) 1d
  • Addition New sounds for Sentry gun, (TfClassic) New sounds for Pyro weapons (Flamethrower is just compressed a bit to fit everything else, flare is new) Also added ambient sounds, like the alarms form half life, door sounds from quake in degroot, bridge sound. Other improvements include increasing the volumes of some notably quiet sounds.
Quake/Doom/HalfLife Sound Pack (V2) 4d

Sounds from Quake/Doom/Half life!

This mod is basically a big soundpack that replaces alot! (It does not replace things like the Spy's cloak and decloak sounds, as that would be a unfair advantage, infact alot of sounds are probably a bit quieter) The pack mostly consists of quake but has a few things from Doom and halflife. Not all weapon sounds were changed. Anyway, It replaces:
Player sounds, Weapon sounds, UI sounds. To install, just put the VPK in sourcemods/tf2classic/custom
and it should work!
If you have any suggestions as to what I should add or change, please do so in the comments.

Credit to ID Software and Valve for the sounds. I do not own any of the sounds in this pack.



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    This is a good pack but it seems that most of the sounds are just Doom/Quake pistol or shotgun sounds for a variety of the weapons, some of the other sounds are HL1 but there does seem to be an overuse of the pistol firing sound from Doom, since HL1 is in this pack at least the footstep sounds and a little bit of weapon sounds, I'd suggest changing some of the weapons to be HL1 weapons, Revolver, Sniper, SMG and maybe the Pistol, another thing that could be done is if there are unique melee sounds for a melee weapon like say the axe you could have that be all quake sounds while the other weapons could be HL1.

    I like the pack but only for a select few of the sounds, it's not bad but it is pretty alright at best just needs more variety in a few of the weapons and the volume could be raised a tad for the sounds.

    Good pack nonetheless, hope to see it do well.
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    Please credit ID Software and Valve for the sounds.
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Key Authors
PinPan Joined 2y ago
Mod creator (Not creator of the sounds used)


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PinPan Joined 2y ago
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