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Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack - A Sound Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC).

An enhanced, yet faithful listening experience for Persona 4 Golden

The Faithful Music Pack aims to create a fresh listening experience for Persona 4 Golden, using a combination of remixes and original songs from other Persona 4-related media. It is best suited for a New Game+ Playthrough or for those who would like a change of pace from the game's original soundtrack.


  • Remixes and original songs from Persona 4 The Animation, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Persona Q, and more.
  • Encounter music is now randomized and no longer dependent on whether or not your party has the advantage when entering battle.
  • Two new encounter themes from the Persona Q series have been added.
  • Unique encounter and boss music for late-game dungeons.
  • Unique boss music for Shadows of party members. (Full Version Only)

Specific changes can be previewed on this Google Sheets document.

Full vs. Lite

As of December 30th, 2020, there are two separate BGME Config Packages available for the Faithful Music Pack.

The Full preset enables unique encounter themes for the Shadows of party members, while the Lite version disables them, instead playing I'll Face Myself from the Persona 4 Reincarnation album.

I did my best to find songs with lyrics or motifs that fit each of the party members, but admittedly quite a few are either a tough fit or do not fit the pace of battle. I'll Face Myself does a very good job of setting the mood for these encounters, so it is my recommendation to play with the Lite Config Package.



P4G Music Manager

  1. Open P4G Music Manager and follow the setup instructions.
  2. Once setup is complete, go to File -> Open Config, fill out the relevant directories, and make sure "Output to Persona 4 Golden Folder" is checked. Close the Config window.
  3. Go to File -> Load Preset, and open preset.p4g from the P4F Music Manager Preset folder. If you wish to add, remove, or change any songs, now is the time to do so.
  4. Once you are ready, click the save icon on the right hand side, then the pencil in the top right corner.


  1. Open Aemulus and fill out the relevant directories in the Config menu. Also make sure that "Enable Table Patches" is checked and "Empty SND folder" is unchecked. Close the Config window.
  2. Place the BGME Base Package in your Aemulus Packages folder.
  3. Place the Aemulus Package of your choice in your Aemulus Packages folder.
  4. In your Aemulus loadout, make sure that the BGME Config Package is placed above the BGME Base Package. If you have any other mods that edit ENCOUNT.TBL, they should be placed under both the Config Package and the Base Package.
  5. Once you are ready, press the Build button at the top of the window.

Inaba Exe Patcher

  1. Place the p4gpc.inaba folder in your Reloaded II Mods folder.
  2. Open Reloaded II, and make sure Inaba Exe Patcher is enabled for Persona 4 Golden. (This means that the tick box contains a + symbol.)
  3. Click "Launch Application".

You are now ready to play with the Faithful Music Pack. I hope you enjoy the music!


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  • Stavaas avatar
    Stavaas Joined 5y ago
    74 points Ranked 29,699th
    6mo 6mo
    Tried to fix "Alone in this World" not looping correctly.

    Here you go:

    Absolutely love that track playing during Amagi boss battle.
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    ARandomGuy231 Joined 2y ago
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    Hey, so instead of "Ying Yang" playing for Chie's boss fight. "Best Friends" plays instead. Maybe the game treats it as a Mini-boss?
    Some Random Guy
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  • Hello there, it's me again (I was raising the issues regarding the Denuvoless version last month). I was able to work around those issues by manually using the Music Manager to change songs between sessions. For example, before I entered Void Quest, I would use the Music Manager to manually change the normal/advantage encounter themes to match what the sheet desires for Void Quest. Or, before I fought the culprit boss, I would change it from the song it normally plays (Kunino's) to playing the song the pack normally plays for the culprit boss. It was a bit inconvenient, but it's a quick and painless process to use the manager.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much for making this pack. This is a great music pack and it made this replay of the game (my first playthrough on PC) I just finished the other day feel very fresh and enjoyable. I discovered a number of great Persona franchise songs I had never heard before thanks to this pack; including the Never More remix of I'll Face Myself, Light the Fire Up in the Night, and best of all, Key Plus Words. The other songs helped make the atmosphere feel fresh, though I will say I manually reinstated some of the old tracks.

    But overall this pack is awesome. Thank you for making it, and keep up the good work!
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  • i can't find the "present.p4g" please can you send me the link of the file to download? or should i convert the "p4f_music_manager_preset.7z"; to "p4f_music_manager_preset.7z.p4g"? if i do it with 1 file like "songs\Reach Out to the Truth.raw.p4g" it gives me an error
    i didin't really get it
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  • Hi, I just spent some time unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to make this mod work. "Time To Make History" would always play during normal fights, and the Shadow Yosuke fight would always play the Kunino-Sagiri theme.

    I'd like some advice. Could it be that the "p4f_encount_editor_presets.7z" file is necessary? Why does that file say it is "optional"? All of the non-combat music is modified just fine, so are you supposed to do something with that "p4f_encount_editor_presets.7z" file to get the combat music to work properly?

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  • Hello there, I created this account with a temp-mail service (hence the strange username) because I wanted to bring to your attention some feedback I had with the guide. To make the point of this comment immediately clear (and avoid eating up too much of your time), I've put a TL;DR below that explains what my recommendation is.

    TL;DR - I recommend you specify in this guide that you must make sure that Aemulus's "Empty SND Folder" config setting is disabled, before you build your mod.

    (Longer explanation):

    When I first tried to install the mod, it wasn't working. All the other mods I had installed with Aemulus had worked just fine, but this one didn't. I went so far as to uninstall the game, delete all of my files related to my modding of it, and redownload & reinstall both to try to fix the issue, and during that process I figured out what the problem was. To be clear, I found this problem while beginning with the Community Enhancement Pack (

    See, the guide within the CEP for setting up Aemulus tells you to ensure that the "Empty SND Folder" setting in Aemulus is checked. However, through Googling, I found  which says that: "Since Aemulus Package Manager deletes the entire mods directory everytime you rebuild, it also deletes the mods/SND folder which P4G Music Manager utilizes. To add compatibility I added a checkbox in the Config menu to Empty SND Folder. By default, it leaves the SND folder in tact. Enabling it will delete the SND Folder."

    What I gleaned from this is that when you have "Empty SND Folder" enabled, this will cause Aemulus to delete the mods/SND folder, which will basically delete the modified SND files you create with Music Manager. In summary: the music manager inserts modified music files into mods/SND. Aemulus, when you build if you "Empty SND Folder" checked, will delete that folder.

    So, based on this discovery of mine, my recommendation is that you specify in this guide that you must ensure that "Empty SND Folder" is disabled before you build.

    PS: To anyone reading this comment who wants help, to recreate the SND folder after you accidentally build and then destroy it, simply re-follow the steps in the "P4G Music Manager" section of this mod's guide. Disable "Empty SND Folder" in the Aemulus config. Then, re-build with Aemulus. That will undo the destruction caused by you building with "Empty SND Folder" enabled.
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  • Myi64 avatar
    Myi64 Joined 2y ago
    253 points Ranked 75,028th
    Hi, I think I messed something up but after setting it up it in the 4th Dungeon (Void Quest) when I got into a battle, it played some random Japanese dialogue. Do you have an idea as to what may have happened. Thanks!
    Give me Persona 4 Picross
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  • StardustEclipse avatar
    StardustEclipse Joined 2y ago
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    When I'm currently using the mod for example currently fighting Naoto's shadow and the song that's playing is Ying Yang I assume that's not the track you intended.

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  • KazuShima avatar
    KazuShima Joined 2y ago
    149 points Ranked 93,854th
    Is this music pack compatible with the latest BGME Aemulus? I cant make it work, the first battle and yosuke bosses keep playing time to make history. I followed the installation instructions but its still not working.
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  • Nepster avatar
    Nepster Joined 2y ago
    Is the bgme mod already pre-patched for nightmare difficulty mod?
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