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SDNova's Persona Music Pack

A Sound Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 1.1 1mo
  • Optimization Removed unnecessary .raw and .txth from Mod Loader version
  • Addition Added version for P4G Music Manager (with preset)
  • Addition Added version compatible with Mod Compendium
Massive credits to Ratkechi for allowing me to contribute to the Music Manager, and allowing the preset to be a thing in the first place.

This should be the final version for this Music Pack unless issues are found and reported.

A music pack designed to replace almost all of the music in Persona 4 Golden!

This music pack is designed to replace most of the music in the game!
It features music from across the Persona-verse, although a somewhat heavy focus on P3 and P5 since I don't really have much knowledge of Persona 1 and 2... I also moved some tracks within P4G to other locations as I felt it might be a bit nicer for some things. Part of the goal for this pack was to change the music while also keeping a similar feel to the scene where they would play. I can't say if this was 100% successful as it's entirely subjective, but this has been my take! :)

Since GameBanana only supports up to 500MB files, please use one of the google drive links to download the pack for your preferred method!

This link will take you to a spreadsheet originally based on CyclonX and devinacho's BGM spreadsheet from their Music Swap Guide, but with my own changes and additions. Including the missing BGM tracks, their respective index number (and ones for tracks that weren't working for people), their titles, where they play, and in the case of my music pack, what I've replaced them with.
Feel free to save your own copy of the spreadsheet to use and modify for your own mods and packs, etc etc.

Each requirement is for their own respective method!



Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Sound


  • use_google_drive_downloads.rar 1mo insert_drive_file Use Google Drive Downloads!

Alternate File Sources

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Music Credits
Music Owner
Shoji Meguro
Special Thanks
TGE Joined 2mo ago
Xacttool and Mod Loader
T-Pose Ratkechi
T-Pose Ratkechi Joined 2mo ago
483 points Ranked 46,722nd
10 medals 1 rare
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P4G Music Manager
ShrineFox Joined 3y ago
2,472 points Ranked 20,357th
Mod Compendium
CyclonX Joined 2mo ago
189 points Ranked 58,743rd
P4G Music Swap Guide
P4G PC Music Converter
MadMax1960 Joined 9mo ago
P4G Manager
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Beginner's Guide to Modding Persona 4 Golden


SDNova avatar
SDNova Joined 1mo ago
32 points Ranked 71,115th
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