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My Superhero Movie over LITERALLY every song - A Sound Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC).

Persona 4 Golden but Epic

Every song in the game is replaced with My Superhero Movie from Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.


  • what if you just have the my booty part

    (when charters talk)
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  • I have only now discovered this.... Abomination of a mod that i want to try. And I have noticed that in the readme.txt there is mention of a MEGA file. What is the file?
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    EDIT: No, not a legendary mod. Should have been a .BGM file to drag straight into the P4G files. So the modder does not need to create the mod themselves. All this does is add in a .wav file and a .p4g file for the music manager. Not cool.

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    An absolute god among humanity. A mod so good, nothing will ever top it. This is the peak music mod. There is no need to make any more mods, this mod is all we ever need.
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    you fixed the persona 4 ost
    snufflmup_ty, rebranded!
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    you're literally a god among men
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