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Battle Music Removal - A Sound Mod for Sonic Unleashed (X360/PS3)


Compatibility Update 2mo
  • Adjustment Adds support for Rcps3.
Huge thanks to Tuan for this. 

A fix for a decade old issue.

This mod attempts to remove the battle music that plays in the Werehog stages. It has a few instances where the battle music will play if you immediately run into a stage without letting the stage music start first. Stages such as Rooftop run Night, Cool Edge Night, and Mazuri Night have this issue.


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    I'm gonna be honest: I haven't been able to try this out since my computer can barely run Xenia, but this is truly essential. I'll be building a new computer that will absolutely run this no problem this summer. If I can just make a couple suggestions, if you're still willing to update this (correct me if this stuff is already implemented):

    - Have an option to keep the standard battle music for exorcisms and a couple areas in the game that are just gauntlets of enemies. The section before Big Mother in Jungle Joyride comes to mind. That way it's still there, but not going off every five seconds.
    - Keep the mini-boss music. It's truly awesome!
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    I tested this mod out on the PS3 version and can confirm this mod does work on it. Can you update the mod.ini to change it to 'All Systems' instead of just Xbox 360?
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    This mod is indeed a game changer. The night stages certainly become a lot more enjoyable when that shitty battle music is nowhere to be heard. 
    It's kinda unfortunate then, when this otherwise perfect fix also stops the mini boss theme, a personal favorite, from being played.
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