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Soundtrack for the Hysterical Maniac

A Sound Mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R

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Version 1.32 14hr
  • Amendment Egg Reverie Pinch has been replaced by a fast-paced version of Egg Reverie, to line up properly during the Doomsday Zone.
This is the last V1 release.
V2 is being worked on, with some track changes and additions, as well as other improvements.

Mainly, V2 is a Behind-The-Scenes redesign.
That means most of the work being done will not affect gameplay.

V1 will still be supported.
V1 will not be removed from downloads, and if more problems are found, V1 will be updated until it reaches perfection. It will run as an 'alternate' version of V2.
Version 1.31 3d Adjustment Removal Version 1.3 3d Addition Version 1.2 9d Tweak Removal Version 1.1 9d Feature

Mix between Sonic Mania and Sonic Hysteria

This is a soundpack containing a mixture of music from Sonic Mania and Sonic Hysteria.

For those who don't know, Sonic Hysteria is a series of remixes made by NicoCW (sadly, not a real fangame), you can check the music here: The pack also contains a different remix, Music Plant, made by Tahwlis. Also listen to that here:

For the majority of the pack, I used Sonic Mania's music. Apart from the Save Select menu, Angel Island, Hydrocity and Flying Battery, I've selected other tracks from the game to fill in the gaps. Hope you like the choices I made as much as I do.

I had never done sound editing before (it's really basic stuff, but it's sound editing) and I'm really proud of how it turned out.

  • S&K Title Screen, Save Select Menu, Angel Island Act 1, Hydrocity, Flying Battery, Lava Reef and Sonic 3's Miniboss have been replaced by their Mania counterparts.
  • Angel Island Act 2 - NicoCW's Mecha Green Hill Act 1.
  • Marble Garden - Mania's Pulp Solstice.
  • Carnival Night Act 1 - NicoCW's Festival Night Act 1.
  • Carnival Night Act 2 - NicoCW's Soul Shore Act 2.
  • Ice Cap Act 1 - NicoCW's Blizzard Bedlam Present.
  • Ice Cap Act 2 - NicoCW's Blizzard Bedlam Good Future.
  • Launch Base - NicoCW's Launch Base.
  • Big Arms - Mania's Phantom Egg.
  • Mushroom Hill - NicoCW's Mushroom Hill.
  • Sandopolis - Mania's Oil Ocean.
  • Sky Sanctuary - NicoCW's Prism Relic Act 2.
  • Death Egg - Mania's Titanic Monarch.
  • The Doomsday Zone - Mania's Egg Reverie.
  • Knuckles's S3 theme - Mania's Buddy Beat, as described below. (This plays in Encore Mode, after you free Mighty and Ray)
  • Knuckles's S&K theme - Mania's Eggman Boss #2, which plays during the boss fight in Studiopolis Act 2.
  • The Miniboss from Sonic & Knuckles - Hard-Boiled Heavies Mischief theme, which plays during the Angel Island cutscene.
  • Eggman's theme - Hi-Spec Robo Go!, the theme of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, which first plays during the Miniboss in Studiopolis Act 1.
  • S3's Invincibility - Mania's Power Sneakers.
  • S&K's Invincibility - Mania's Invincibility.
A few other sounds and tracks have been replaced, but the list above are the more important/relevant ones.

About the preview file. Nothing else I actually used for the mod was under 600KB, which meant I couldn't actually put it as a preview file. So there's Knuckles's theme completely spoiled :D

Note: I have permission from both NicoCW and Tahwlis to use their remixes and music. Evidence because I know you'll want it: and




check_box_outline_blank Remove unnecessary files. Low Priority


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Development Info

I first used Audacity to slightly edit some of the sound files. I also took the value of milliseconds samples (thanks Diamondgrn for helping me on this one) and put that in the .JSON file, which I edited with Notepad++


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