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Metroid Music Pack (BGM)

A Sound Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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music replacement

This is a music pack based in the soundtrack of Metroid series, it doesnt replace all the music but covered the most possible. Villlages are not edited for keep their own escence.

Here is the list of the music included, this features original soundtrack and some mixes, for credit each one I included the url to their respective video: 

No url means that the song is from the OST:

Castle (outside): Crateria surface [Super]
Castle (inside): Tourian [Nes]

VS Miniguardian: VS Arachnus [Samus Returns]

5th Dungeon: Final Mission [Fusion]

Vs Battle (Inside Dungeon): Vs Space Pirates [Super/Zero Mission]

Get Item(Deluxe): Getting item fanfare [Prime series]

Get Item(Heart): Item fanfare [Zero Mission (Mix)]

Get Item(HighGrade): Item fanfare [Prime series]

Get Item(Standard): Getting item fanfare [Prime series]

Puzzle solved: Puzzle solved [Prime series] 


1. Naydra (grudged)/Blood Moon: Cryosphere Depths [Other M (Mix)]

VS Guardian: VS Ridley

VS Fixed Guardian: Desbrachian Mini Boss [Other M]

Riding horse(day): Brinstar [Nes/Zero mission]

Riding horse(night): Kraid Lair [Nes/Zero Mission]

Entering dungeon: Crateria surface [Super (Mix)]

Inside Vah Ruta: Lower Maridia [Super (Mix)]

Inside Vah Naboris: Lower Brinstar [Samus Returns (Mix)]

Inside Vah Medoh: Lower Brinstar [Super (Mix)]

Entering Vah Rudania: Wrecked Ship (off) [Super (Mix)]

Inside Vah Rudania: Lower Brinstar [Super (Mix)]

VS Ganon Calamity: VS Nightmare [Fusion]

VS Beast Ganon: Escape [Nes]

VS Thalus: VS Rundas [Prime 3]

VS Thunder Ganon: VS Omega Ridley [Prime 3]

VS Fire Ganon: VS Kraid/Crocomire/Phantoom [Super]

VS Water Ganon: Title [Federation Force]

VS Wind Ganon: VS Zetta Metroid [Samus Returns]

Yiga Clan Hideout: Ancient Chozo ruins [Samus Returns]

Shrine Entrance (out): Facing a huge reaction [Fusion (Mix)]

Ruins: Chozo Temple [Prime]

Death Mountain/VS Rudania: Magmoor Caverns [Samus Returns]

Sheika towers: Skytown/Title [Prime 3/Nes]

Temple of time: Crashed Space Pirate Frigate [Prime]

Stable: Menu [Prime (Mix)]

Stable(with Kass): Title [NES/Fusion/Other M]

Castle Town: Underwater Depths [Fusion]

Maze: Brinstar (Jungle Floor) [Super]

Eldin: Pyrosphere Industrial [Other M (Mix)]

Cold areas: Phendrana Drifts [Prime]

Gerudo Desert: Maridia Sands [Super (Mix)]

Exiting Resurrection Shrine: Title [NES/Zero Mission/Other M]

Blood Moon cutscene: Ridley Lair [Nes/Zero Mission (Mix)]

Entering Hyrule: Appearance Fanfare (Mix)

Teletransportation: Appearance fanfare [Zero Mission (Mix)]

And finally, a sample video, Sorry for the low quality, I had render problems lol:




check_box_outline_blank BCML version check_box_outline_blank Shrines Music replacement check_box_outline_blank Battles Music replacement


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Key Authors
Sound mix
Original Authors
Hirokazu Tanaka
original Composer
Kenji Yamamoto
original Composer
Kuniaki Haishima
original Composer
Chad York
original Composer
Darren Radtke
original Composer
Mike Peacock
original Composer
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