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[TF2] HEV Suit Sound Pack - A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2


Release Version 1.2 4mo
  • - Re-compiled 6 sound files that caused glitches
  • - Re-grouped the files into "extra sound effects"
The ones that I couldn't fix are glitched within the sound engine :/
Release Version 1.1 7mo Release Version 1.0 2y Pre-Release Version 2y Demo Version 2y

[TF2] HEV Suit Announcer Pack

Want More Half-Life Content? HELL YEAH!!!!!

This project is completed, so far ALL sounds (18 +3 +6) have been polished, and sounds that previously caused glitches have been permanently disabled (7).

All the sounds are taken from Half-Life 1 HEV SuitHealth Charger and Armor Charger.

Note: Only the Casual voice lines are replaced because changing the Competitive/ MvM voice lines don't seem natural.

This Mod Includes:

1. HEV Suit Announcer Voice Lines (x18)
----- "mission beings in..." (x8)
----- "mission ends in..." (x10)

2. HEV Suit Sound Effects (x3)
----- "extreme heat" warning (x1)
----- "medic radar" warning (x1)
----- "electrical damage" warning (x1)

3. Half-Life Extra Sound Effects (x6) {customizable}
----- medigun (x2)
----- quick-fix (x1)
----- vaccinator (x2)
----- dispenser (x1)

4. Broken Sound Effects (x7) {buggy}
----- critical hits (x3)
----- fall damage (x2)
----- 100% uber death (x1)
----- weapon recharged (x1)

Note: Sounds inside the "player" folder are disabled by default, as they only work on Community Servers, and will cause irritating glitches if used on Valve Servers.

How To Install:

1. Download "HEV_Suit_Announcer_Pack.rar" (18 announcer voice lines)
2. Download "HEV_Suit_Sound_Pack.rar" (3 sound effects) [optional]
3. Download "HL1_Extra_Sound_Pack.rar" (6 extra sound effects) [optional]
4. Unzip the .rar files, then put the .vpk files/ extracted folder in "X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom"