World of Tanks (multiple) killsounds

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Improvement to instructions. 16d
  • Improvement Updated the 'Readmeh'. Before it had some misinformation and flat out wrong things which was because I was rushing to release the mod. This is fixed now.
This should hopefully be the final version of the mod unless something changes to make it stop working.
Skip to 0:38/2:07 to see killsounds, but these mods are meant to be used together anyway.

The crew voices from WoT, now in TF2!
sv_pure 1? Yep!
This mod requires special installation, so even if you know how killsounds are normally installed, you may want to read the instructions. But on the bright side, due to how it functions it can be used with
other killsounds, switching between them at the press of a button! (not literally) More on that in the 'Readmeh' included with the download. Here's a hitsound version of this mod, made to be used together.




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TheGreen Banana
Creating the mod.
Original Authors
Creating the original sound files.


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Development Info

Hello, I'm TheGreen Banana, and I've been playing World of Tanks recently. One night I decided I wanted the guy from WoT to narrate every game I played and that turned into this video and then evolved into this, which means I suppose you could say I was my own inspiration for making this mod. 
Either way, enjoy!
Also here's the guide i used to help me make it.


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