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Fat Albert Announcer 11d
  • Addition End Screen and Menu Screen voices
I promised Fat Albert that I would throw him an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet if he helped me with a couple lines, and even though he did not care that much, the Cosby Kids insisted that he do it. So here is the Fat Albert Announcer mod.

Everything that is changed: Dominating, Countdown (Both start of game and timer end), Double/Triple/Quad/Multi Knockout, Rampage, Shutdown, Unstoppable, Berserk, Godlike, and Legendary.

Updated changes: End screen voices from player 1-8, Team color voices from green, red, yellow to blue, menu voices for online, local, training, offline tournament, and custom. Also changed goal voice for brawlball.

Only thing not added yet is "goal" for kung foot, and possibly some others that I may have missed.

I do not plan on doing character names, as they are super long. If this does get over 100 downloads, I will do them.



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    You've really gotta work on your Fat Albert impersonation.
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