Panzermann's Fixed VOX Announcer

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Holy shit, an update for this mod?! 9d
  • Overhaul Made the bomb-related lines in MVM so the word "Explosive" doesn't sound fractured and muffled (I forgot to do this last time so hopefully they're now replaced for reelz this time)

My first mod ever, w00t!

So, what is this? Well, this is a fixed version of a very old mod from 2009 in which it replaces the so-called Administrator's voicelines with the announcement system from Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic and such, along with additional sounds.

Around 2014 or maybe early 2015, Valve decided to change the sounds in the VO folder from WAV to MP3, since then the mod has been broken along with voice mods prior to the patch.
Since the creator of the mod didn't bother fixing the mod, I decided to take matters into my own hands and convert all the sounds into MP3 from the original mod and add new lines for this mod.

So what does this fixed version features, you might ask? Well...
  • 100% original lines untouched and converted into MP3!
  • Completely new voicelines, such as Special Delivery, MVM, Payload Race, Robot Destruction and Matchmaking!
  • Optional VPKs for a more classic TFC experience!
  • Last but not least, full support for official Valve and other sv_pure 1 servers!




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Key Authors
Panzermann11 105th Inc. Flag
105th Inc.
Panzermann11 Joined 3y ago
105th Inc. Flag Affiliation: 105th Inc.
854 points Ranked 41486th
Fixing the original mod and adding other stuff
Original Authors
Revenant100 Joined 12y ago
Making the original VOX announcer mod
Special Thanks
Valve Corporation
Making Half-Life, one of the greatest games ever


Panzermann11 avatar
Panzermann11 Joined 3y ago
Shh.. is asleep
105th Inc. Flag Affiliation: 105th Inc.
854 points Ranked 41486th
Panzermann11 105th Inc. Flag
105th Inc.

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Development Info

I made this back in January 2018, this started off as basically a few VOX announcer mods for TF2 in this site mashed together in one mod. When I was doing testing and checking for this mod, I noticed some of the new lines either sounded like shit, unfinished, or even inconsistent with TF2's nature.

So yeah, I decided it would be a good idea to remake and modify the lines using a sound mixing software so the lines sound clean, better and not like crap. I think in the end it turned out pretty well.


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Please give me credit if you want to use this for your mod or whatever you're working on. Thanks!


128 kbit/s


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