Better Sounds (Beta)

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2


  • Addition Add some Battlecrys for Demo
  • Removal Removed the unique shoot Demotry Level 2
  • BugFix Choosing a class,Spy's saying nothing its fixxed
  • Removal Removed the bugged trombone taunt of Soldier
  • Removal Removed the bugged siren
  • Removal Removed the "no freezecam sound"
  • Addition "Hello Senpai!",A new Battlecry for Scout
The Better Sounds (Beta 2) 10d
This mod is for outhers peoples,is for fun.
The mod exist so many features :

Weapons :
Drawing a Jarate,its changed for "PEACE OF PISS!".
Explosions like a Rocket Launcher explosion its changed for a random explosion.
Reloading a Rocket Launcher its a punch,like the Soldier punching rockets in you launcher.

Builds :
Meporter - Medic + Teleporter
Demotry - Demoman + Sentry
The Dispenser its go to be a Scopenser - Scout + Dispenser

Voices + Announcer :
Announcer make a Meet the Pyro music when is counting the minutes of the setup time
The taunt "Second Rate Sorcery" voicelines its changed for random voicelines but reversed (except Soldier,Demo,Heavy and Pyro)

Scout :
In the new update,its added a new Battlecry
The Second Rate Sorcery voiceline (the magic voiceline) its changed for another random voiceline,but reversed

Soldier :
Hes says "Im am Painis Cupcake" instead to say "Come here,cupcake!" in the Pickaxe tauntkill
All Positive voicelines its changed

Pyro :
The Pyro its changed for Pyper (Pyro's voice its changed for the Sniper voice)

Demoman :
New Battlecrys in the new update

Heavy :
The "Need a Dispenser Here" voiceline its changed for "Good idea! BurgerKing its delicious"
The long laugh of the Heavy "HOHOHO! Thats slaps me on the knew" its changed for "HOHOHO! Thats slaps me on the ASS!"
The "NO" voiceline its changed for "i-ItS N-nOt p-PoSs-SiB-BlE"
If he eat a sandwich,hes get a coral of angels.

The Second Rate Sorcery voiceline its changed for another voiceline,but reversed

Medic :
The Second Rate Sorcery voiceline of the medic its changed for another voiceline,but reversed.

Sniper :
The long laugh (from the laugh taunt) its changed for the normal laugh,but reversed at the end of the taunt
The "Need a Dispenser Here" its changed for "The cow says MOOOOOOOOOOOW *windows B.S.O.D*"

Spy :

3 Battlecrys for Spy. (Gentlemen-tlegen-tlegen! Top SheehS ; I'm am looking for you Sexray,and i afraid for Rainbows, SAAS! ; Good LOOL,You f@ck like a wooman!)
In the voiceline "SPY!" looking for the heavy its changed for "The Heavy its a Ass-Sasi-ve!"
If you get a assist as a Spy and say "Thanks",its changed for "Thank you for being a such a dear friend!"
If you get killed by a crit/backstab as a Spy,hes says "F@CK YOU YOUR *so many complaining*"
If you say "Thanks",a chance to you say "Tha-AAA-nk you! *snort intesifies*"
Medic its changed for MEEM
If he get Jarate/Mad milk,hes say "I hate banana!"
The Second Rate Sorcery Bugged
In-Taunts,Spy throwing money make a great sound
In the Kazotsky Kick,hes can make a reversed laugh

Bosses :
The First halloween boss its changed for the Spy (yep,its fuckin' no sense,i know)

Killsound its a buzine
Domination its a triple buzine
VoteCall changed for classes saying things (Vote maker : Soldier ; Voter : Spy)
Some musics in main menu its changed
Duel Calls its changed too

Player Sounds :
Spy things (Cloak/Uncloak/DeadRinger's Uncloak/Disguise/Breaking a Razorback)
Bumper Cart Spawn (not changed,but really change in some outhers updates)
Gas Blast (Its bugged,really remove the sound)
The helmet hit in the Shovel taunt make a hitmaker
The Luxury Lounge's Chair appears make a sound of the Merasmus Spawn
The tauntkill of the Pyro (the rainbow-thrower) its changed for a Crash Twinsanity Music
The Surgeons Squeezebox (Medic's taunt) music its changed for the music "A Little Heart to Heart",a music from the Meet the Medic's soundtrack video

Musics :
Mannobics's music its changed for "Winx BR" Music.
The conga its changed for the Ice Cleab Music from the Crash Twinsanity
Dosido music its changed for a rap (The Scout's rap)
The Kazotsky Kick dance music its changed for "Buttsecks" Music

Bonus :
Shrek Funk music for the Boombox (a cosmetic for scout,whos change hes bag for a box music)
Changed simbol of the voicechat

All of this things appear in-game
Good Luck to life from this things... or a simple "Have fun" :D


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Created this mod
Special Thanks
Maked a tutorial,thats helped me so much


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