Wilhelm Scream Pack v1.5

A Sound Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

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Stock scream made famous by all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Films. Not to mention over 100 more films.

You have probably heard the Wilhelm Scream before. Unless, of course, you're deaf... or you suck. Anyway, this stock sound effect was made famous primarily by the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series. It's been featured in over 100 films and TV shows (not to mention a handful of video games). If anything, it has to be one of the most famous sound effects, alongside Tarzan's yell (which I will probably make some kind of pack for as well :P). Surprisingly, the Wilhelm Scream compliments the gameplay nicely, especially if you aren't some hardass who takes their death sounds too seriously. The background noises in the sound files are completely unnoticeable during gameplay, I find. You will like this if you are a long time fan of the Star Wars trilogy like myself, or maybe you won't, whatever. I also added in 3 head shot sounds incorporating the Wilhelm Scream. They are brutal. Enjoy it. --- ZodiaK Dropping Many Ravers



  • 8y
    Z0diak avatar
    Z0diak Offline
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    Got rid of the headshot sounds, since, as mace-windows put it "They scream after being hit in the head, and the splat sound plays 2 seconds after the bullet has gone through their head."

    Shitty mistake on my part.
    but fixed now.
    Dropping Many Ravers
  • 8y
    Uhm help??? before i dl'd this i could go to any server... now it just scrwed my game up.... yes the sounds work bu the servers dont... any help u guys can offer???
  • 9y
    TheStealthyOne avatar
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    It's SO overused :P

    Classic sound effect.
    They Call Me
    They Call Me "Mr. Phong".
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    I'm using some of these on my zombies in hl2, some of the Combine in hl2, the HECU in hl1, and now I'm gonnna use it for CSS. You WIN.


    seltz champ
  • 9y
    alKEMARO avatar
    alKEMARO Offline
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    I wanna use it but How can i reverse it once i install it?
    (just dont wanna replace stuff then regret it)
  • 9y
    Mace-Windows avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    268 points Ranked 14300th
    Awesome! I really like the Wilhelm scream. It brings a smile to my face every time i hear it. I'm glad to have these in CS:S, they fit well to most of my games. and by that I mean I'm glad I have a hilarious death noise because I'm always getting owned. I suppose this death sound would fit perfectly with ragdolls that fly backwards when they die. I don't really like the headshot sounds. They scream after being hit in the head, and the splat sound plays 2 seconds after the bullet has gone through their head. Still, 10/10 from me!


    Got Terrorists? avatar
    Got Terrorists?
  • 9y
    Z0diak avatar
    Z0diak Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    If you can post some feedback on the pack during game play, that would be pretty cool.
    Dropping Many Ravers


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