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A Sound Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

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Real sound of the .308 Galil



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    Essentially, I have to agree with Barnaby. I don't dislike it as much as he does, though.

    I've had a brief look at some of your sound releases and am actually supersized about the high ratings. However, I can appreciate that you want to make realistic gun sounds and have risen to the challenge.

    Anyway, it doesn't sound like it was shot in a tunnel or room for that matter due to the lack of reverberation. It sounds like a recording of a built in camera microphone and sure enough you've linked the source. That's not necessarily a problem, but can be because they usually lack a wind shield. Wind is for example really audible in this release of yours and ruins the echo.

    Just because you find a recording of gun on YouTube doesn't make it a viable source as a starting off point for editing. Background noise and more importantly the angle is something you have to take into account.

    That recording of hickok45 isn't bad though and surely something I could work with, but more on that later.

    As far as the editing goes it's quite basic. Sounds like you've used a few layers of the firing sounds and added a fadeout.

    You're choice to make it stereo was rather poor, because it needlessly blew up it's file size. I'd recommend changing it to mono. That way you'd cut the file size in half without quality loss and that's a good thing.

    I'm also not a huge fan of the casing being audible at about 0.4 seconds, but seeing how you're new to this I can understand how hard it would be to reconstruct a fitting echo from scratch at your skill level.

    Now let's return to the recording and something Barnaby said. It's true that real gun firing sounds don't work ingame and are hardly ever used. The reason for that is quite simple. You can't translate the raw, loud power of a real gunshot into a video game without ruining your ears. If you're on a range with hearing protection all guns more or less sound the same.

    You can work with real recordings, but these will only get you so far. Try to get the best of both worlds and combine real recordings with studio sound effects.

    You can easily add additional bass, an audible yet subtle bolt / slide and a fitting echo / reverb.

    That also applies to real samples of reload sounds. You can sometimes refine the mechanism sounds a bit with studio sfx and add foley / cloth sound as well. The later are usually never picked up in recordings and adding moderate ones in editing really brings the gun to life.

    During editing you can also experiment with multiple layers. Copy them and try a few different filters and what not. If you don't like it, you can always mute or delete sample.

    Just take your time and put in some effort. It's quite often a good idea to show multiple stages of work in progress to your friends for feedback.

    Here are a few projects of mine as a reference.

    This project is done and released. Please note the firing sound.

    It's heavily based on a video series by forgotten
    Here's for example the most important sample for the firing sound. (time code included)

    The following project is still work in progress and I'm probably going to scratch the firing sound, because I think it's too harsh, but the reload is really good and final on this one.

    As mentioned I've based these heavily on real recordings. I'm often using weapon disassembly videos for reloads, cause the background noise is easy to filter due to it's consistency.

    Now to the final verdict. This sound could be improved, because your technique is flawed and that's fine, really.

    If there wouldn't be an audience for what you've said out to do, you'd never have gotten these ratings and you'd never have attracted my attention. I hope my constructive criticism helped you and gave you some ideas and I hope that these ratings won't put you off or rub you the wrong way.

    This is by all means not a horrible, but indeed quite lacking. To be fair I've made gun sounds for the past 10 years and have learned a lot in that time. Compared to this my first few ventures into that field where utter shit.

    On a side note you should maybe also keep in mind that realism isn't as important as immersion. I've for example had to change the firing sound of a grease gun project I've recently worked on because the real firing rate wasn't matching up with the intended replacement of the UMP skin.

    Don't let this get you down and keep it up.
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    If the point of every sound is to be as real as possible, all guns in games would sound like crap.
    This sounds like its shot in a tunnel, it doesnt sound like it has fidelity, the initial bang lasts for far too long and i can hear a bullet dropping on the ground in the end. It could use more kick and some smexier samples.
    You also didnt add a readme and the folder structure is missing.
    It's also in stereo but its the same in both channels.
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    I dont know about this. avatar
    I dont know about this.
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