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nus3bank Remix Collection

A Sound Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

I've been making various nus3bank files for my personal modpack, and I figured I should share them with others.  They are all taken from various sources, mainly Youtube (just copy/paste each name into Google to hear the sources).  They are as follows:

  • OC ReMix #2194- Poke?mon Red Version 'Battle for the Badge' Battle (VS Gym Leader) by Fishy
  • Animal Crossing - KK Cruisin True Remix
  • F-ZERO - Big Blue Remix????????? BGM?????
  • Mario 64 - Hazy Maze Drum  Bass Remix
  • Pokemon GSC Kanto Gym Leader (Poke Remix Studio)
  • Remix Mega Man 2 Metalman's stage??????2 ?????????? BGM?????
  • RemixPoke?mon GSC HGSS Johto Trainer Battle ????????? ????? ?????? BGM?????
  • RemixSuper Smash Bros - Planet Zebes Music?????? ???????? BGM?????
  • SSH - Big Blue (metal)??????????????? ??????? (Preview song)
  • Street Fighter II - Sagat Theme (Jazz Remix)
  • Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Sharp Eyes -Piano Melo- (Ibuki's Theme) (Not a remix but it's here)
  • Super Mario 64 - File Select Remix I Know That Feel
  • Super Mario Bros -  Underground Theme Remix by Mesmonium
  • Tetris - Type A (Jazz Sax Remix)
  • Yoshi's Island Remix Flower Garden (Make Eggs Throw Eggs)

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.  Do note that a few of these are a little bit quieter than I would like them to be.  If someone who's more of an expert than I am wants to improve on any of these, be my guest.

(Hopefully I am doing this right.  It's my first time uploading something, and  I'm choosing to upload a bunch of stuff at once.  Probably not the best idea, lol.)




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    holy this is good
    SSB4 Modder
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    It seems the Japanese text did not translate properly.  Those remixes were created by KokiRemix, so you can enter that into a Google search to hear those songs.
    Kirby, Cloud, Pika!


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nus3bank creator
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Mesmonium (YouTube)
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KokiRemix (YouTube)
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Fishy (OC Remix)
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Remix Creator


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J-Fid Joined 6mo ago
111 points Ranked 28460th

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