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Realistic HL2 Weapon Sounds

A Sound Mod for Half-Life 2


Better Shotgun and 357 Sounds
  • Improvement Updated the 357 Sound to sound better (based on a suggestion by CommanderShepard on the Gmod Workshop)
  • Improvement Updated the Shotgun Sounds to sound better (based on a suggestion by CommanderShepard on the Gmod Workshop)
  • Removal Temporarily removed pistol_fire3.wav
been working on this for a good couple weeks/a month now, and i think its done now

hate it or love it, i think its decent

sources that i could find again: 

9mm: (mixed with something else from another video, cant find it anymore)

9mm shot by npcs:


SMG shot by npcs: will update if i find the sauce

Pulse Rifle: Mixed with a bunch of sounds


happy to hear feedback and suggestions! 




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    First of all please fix the credits!

    Since you're listing all of these YouTube videos in your description you must provide credits accordingly. You didn't make these recordings now did you? :)

    Now to the actual feedback.

    Sorry to say it, but the editing job is rather poor and you didn't make the most of the samples you've worked with.

    Remember that the guns you're making effects for should be present in first person. The sound is bringing them to life.

    That's something you can't really do with sounds that are based on camera microphones with a few meters distant from the prop without some additional editing and that is particularly the problem here.

    You've made a loot of rookie mistakes.

    First and most immortality pick good samples to work with.

    When it comes to firing sounds, I highly recommend picking recordings with little to no background noise. For example the talking in the background of the pistol_fire3.wav is a no go. You can clearly hear it in the last bit of the echo / reverberation.

    When it comes to using samples for reloads, I've always found weapon disassembly videos to be helpful. The background noise they have is usually pretty constant and easy to filter and more regular than for example wind in a video from an outdoor shooting range. Such videos usually work with a camera build in microphone instead of an external microphone with a wind shield.

    Taking that into account let's talk about your shotgun pump action sound. It sounds quite distant and the reverberation adds to that feeling of being out of place. The reverb sounds like an indoor recording. My eyes are telling me that I'm holding the gun, but my ears are telling me that someone else is rechambering it.

    Anyway, working with real recordings is commendably, but it'll only get you so far. Supplement what you're missing with studio SFX.

    That works especially well to give firing sounds that additional punch and adding foley to reloads, such as subtle cloth sounds, to make them more believable for the first person perspective.

    I've done this for example for this project.

    It's heavily based on a video series by

    Here's for example the most important sample for the firing sound. (time code included)

    Anyway, I've said you've made rookie mistakes. No worries, we've all started with a low skill-set.

    There are some, quick easy tips I've got for you.:
    •  fade-in and -out tools to avoid hard cuts
    •  filter tools to get a purer, neater sound
    •  adjust the stereo channels to get a more even result
    •  work with multiple and copied layers to do some quick experimentation with

    If you take this criticism to heart, I'm sure you'll improve a lot very quickly. I've for example given similar advice to Bengty and he really did improve. ;)

    I know my rating might be off-putting, but that's because these sounds are poorly designed for their intended use. They'd partly work fine as ambient sounds though.


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    forgot to mention that this works in hl2: update, or in any sourcemod that is based around half-life 2's core game


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