Classic Zelda Music Pack

A Sound Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Version 2.0
  • Added Music to more locations and made changes to the battle music
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READ THIS: Currently there's weird glitch that lowers the town music and/maybe not the settlement music during rain. Could just be that town is affected or only edited sounds are affected. Just keep this in mind.

I HIGHLY recommend you backup your sound files! If you didn't I have a backup of all sound files so dm me and I'll send you the original file.

Preview is included in optional file download.

More sound will maybe/probably be added in the future. I fixed the loop of certain sounds but now they sound absolute ass, the sounds in game comprise of multiple sounds which some can't be changed as they are very hidden in the game files.

TL:DR A lot of issues prevent certain sound changes so yeah :(

List of music changed:

Kakariko Village: Kakariko Music from Twilight Princess

Hateno Village: Outset Island Music from Wind Waker

Rito Village: Dragonroost Island Music from Wind Waker

Gerudo Village: Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time

Lurelin Village: Windmill Hut from Ocarina of Time

Fairy Spring: Fairy Spring Music from Wind Waker

Goron City: Death Mountain Music from Twilight Princess

Korogu/Kokiri Forest and Maze: Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time

Minigame Parasail: Hyrule Field from Twilight Princess

Zora's Domain: Zora's Domain from Ocarina of Time

Molduga Boss Fight: Molgera Boss Music from Wind Waker

Optional Sound Replacers:

Korugu Forest: Kokiri Forest Music from OoT

Warp Sound: Twilight Princess Teleport Midna Sound

Continue Start Sound in Menu: Channel preview from Twilight Princess a.k.a the preview sound on this page

Tarrey Town: Spirit Tracks Town Music

Sheikers Tower: Wind Waker My Grandma Music

Stone Golem: Wind Waker Mini Boss Music

Hinox: Twilight Princess Fyrus Music

House in Wilderness: Ocarina of Time House Music

Battle Music: Your choice
Twilight Princess
Ocarina of Time
Wind Waker
Skyward Sword
Currently there are issues with:
Continue Start Sound - Uses two seperate sound files.
Warp Sound - Uses two seperate sound files.
Minigame Parasail - may at first sound distorted but works 2nd try
If the combat music is just silence then you have to install it again, copy and paste the same files, overwrite the same files and it should work.
In my experience I experienced one issue with the golem music but I think it only affects the fire golem as when I tested it out at the great plateu it worked fine. After some thought I am almost gauranteed that it suffers from the same issue Parasail has.
The issue is that these sounds use multiple sound files and those are very hidden in the game files otherwise they obviously would have been dealt with. So f.ex. the parasail minigame sound replacer works, but at the start there is still sound from the original file. This is because as stated before it uses two seperate filesf or some reason.

Credit: All credit goes to Nintendo, none of these sounds/music was created by me.


Alternate File Sources


  • 2mo
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    I'm having problems with Continue Start Sound, Warp Sound, Boss music, and combat music, The sound is distorted and then changes back to the original music. I installed it again, copied and pasted the same files, overwrite the same files and it still gave me the same result. I am using the USA Eshop Version on the Wii U. Can Someone plz help me?
  • 2mo
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    I love this mod.
    Any chance to replace the horse ridding music:
    with the Hyrule Field Ocarina of Time - The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert:
  • 2mo
    ok so....this mod is great. i love it!....except...when using on wii u alot of the town music works but tarrey town is still tarrey town, rito city is not dragonroost island but instead its windfall island, and the batlle musi is severley slowed down and staticy. not sure if you know about this, but im just informing you
  • 2mo
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    any1 else having trouble unziping this file?
    Internet Anime Gangster


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Fixed Appropriate Format


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