Zelda Replacement Music Pack

A Sound Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Version 1.03
  • Adjustment Volume of music tracks
  • Addition Desert Music
  • BugFix Fixed Bars file that prevented Desert Music from playing
I've changed the original file and used a more formal structure. The ReadMe file has been changed to reflect this.
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Version 1.02
  • Tweaked volume + new tracks
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This pack replaces many of the tracks within the game with familiar music from the older games as well as arrangements by others that are credited below. The same information as well as installation instructions can be found in the readme.

Music Changes and Credits

Lost Woods Theme - Lost Woods Arrangement - SoundOfVG

Temple of Time - Temple of Time Arrangement - Doc Nano (The VGM Impressionist)

Horseback theme (Day & Night) - Hyrule Field OoT - Nintendo

Goron Theme - Goron Theme (Twilight Princess) - Nintendo

Goron City - Goron City (Ocarina of Time) - Nintendo

Gerudo City - Gerudo Valley - Nintendo

Hateno Village - Ocarina of Time (Kakariko Village) - ZREO Orchestrated

Korok Forest - Ocarina of Time Kokiri Forest - ZREO Orchestrated

Monster Shop - Potion Shop - Duhemsounds : VGM Cover

Fireblight Ganon - Koloktos/Modarch - Nintendo (with minor alts)

Thunderblight Ganon - Ghirahim Fight 1 & 3 - Nintendo

Hyrule Castle - Ganons Tower Arrangement - The Noble Demon

Snow Areas - Serenade of Water Arrangement - Shix

Hot Areas - Ancient Arabian Music - World Music official (Various Youtube Channels)

Mini-Game - Mini Game (Ocarina of Time) - ZREO Orchestrated

Kakariko - Kakarioko (Twilight Princess) - Nintendo



Hyrule Field
Fishing Village


  • 29d
    Hello again! I would like to inquire some information. I am using the Wii U version of BotW (not CemU, my computer can't run it) and loading mods through sdcafiine. Everything seems to be working perfectly, but I needed to build my sd card the neccessary structure, so none of them have the already in-game files, whereas I just put the mods in that file since there is no original one to replace. 

    I guess what i want to ask is, do you know where you have found the sound files for the game? It would really help me out if you can send me a link or at least an image. This may inspire me to make my own sound packs. Thank you!
  • 1mo
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    If i were to go about adding this to my Botw modpack for WiiU, how would i go about it? My folder structure is
    *My ModPack*
                *Bgm files*
  • 2mo
    Nice work dude, I like it :)

    Btw is it possible to swap out other soundfiles like the "item get" one? Would love to have the Silent Hill 2 "item get" sound in BotW :P
  • 2mo
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    The Music at Hyrule Castle seems to either be loud, or lowering sound effects of the game, as Link gets really quiet and hard to hear, and so do the other sound effects
    Random Person
  • 2moEdited 2mo
    I created a list of the replaced songs with the youtube links and the file it replaces. It's super helpful to have the youtube link to preview the songs, especially the arrangements! Feel free to add this info to the main post, hoping to help =)

    Original Song: Lost Woods Theme
    Replaced with: OoT Lost Woods [Arrangement] - By SoundOfVG
    Game File: BGM_SpSpot_MazeForest_main.bfstm

    Original song: Temple of Time
    Replaced With: OoT Temple of Time [Arrangement] - By Doc Nano (The VGM Impressionist)
    Game File: BGM_Spot_TempleOfTime.bfstm

    Original Song: Horseback theme (Day & Night)
    Replaced with: Hyrule Field OoT - By Nintendo
    Game Files: BGM_horseDay/Night_end/loop.bfstm (Two files)

    Original Song: Goron Theme
    Replaced with: Goron Theme (Twilight Princess) - By Nintendo 
    Game File: BGM_Spot_CmnGoron.bfstm

    Original Song: Goron City
    Replaced with: Goron City (Ocarina of Time) - By Nintendo 
    Game File: BGM_Spot_NewGoronCity_Allday.bfstm

    Original Song: Gerudo City
    Replaced with: OoT Gerudo Valley - By Nintendo
    Game File: BGM_Spot_NewGerudoCity_Allday.bfstm

    Original Song: Hateno Village
    Replaced with: OoT Kakariko Village Orchestrated - By ZREO
    Game FIle: BGM_Spot_NewHatenoVillage_Allday.bfstm

    Original Song: Korok Forest
    Replaced with: OoT Kokiri Forest Orchestrated - By ZREO
    Game File: BGM_Spot_NewKoruguForest_Allday.bfstm

    Original Song: Monster Shop
    Replaced with: OoT Potion Shop -  By Duhemsounds VGM Cover
    Game FIle: Bgm_Spot_MamonoShop.bfstm

    Original Song: Fireblight Ganon
    Replaced with: Koloktos/Modarch (Skyward Sword) - By Nintendo (with minor alts)
    Game Files: BGM_SpBattle_RemainsFireBoss (_latter).bfstm (Two files)

    Original Song: Thunderblight Ganon
    Replaced with: Ghirahim Fight 1 & 3 - By Nintendo
    Game Files: BGM_SpBattle_RemainsElecBoss [+ Latter.]bfstm (Two files)

    Game File: Hyrule Castle
    Replaced with: OoT Ganon's Tower [Arrangement] - By The Noble Demon 
    Game File: BGM_Castle.bfstm

    Original Song: Snow Areas
    Replaced with: OoT Serenade of Water [Arrangement] - By Shix 
    (BGM_TemperatureCold00 - 02.bfstm)

    Original Song: Hot Areas
    Replaced with: Ancient Arabian Music - By World Music official
    Game Files: BGM_TemperatureHot00 - 06.bfstm (7 files)

    Original Song: Mini-Game
    Replaced with: Mini Game (Ocarina of Time) Orchestrated - By ZREO
    Replaced with: Event_Bgm_MinigameRace01.bfstm

    Original Song: Kakariko
    Replaced with: Kakarioko (Twilight Princess) - By Nintendo 
    Game File: BGM_Spot_KakarikoVillage_Allday.bfstm

    Original Song: Dragon
    Replaced with: The Dragons (Skyward Sword) - By Nintendo
    Game File: BGM_Dragon.bfstm


  • 2mo
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    What is the process of making these if I may ask? There didn't appear to be a tutorial for it for this game.

    I know that the files need to at least be bfstm files, I got that down and I can manage it but what I want to know is, is it one of those games where you just have to replace the name of the file? or is it more complicated than that?
  • 3moEdited 3mo
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    Could you make a video where you show us some of the songs?

    every mod i've installed works but the songs not..well i dont recognize them ingame..special places ingame to test them?

    Or do I have to rename the files like:


    "snd_bgm" like in smash bros?
    smash smash smashity smash!
  • 3mo
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    Looking forward to replacements for the remaining OST's. :)

    Good luck with the BAR file format for Shrines and other, though.


    Cemu Troubleshooting
  • 3mo
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    Brilliant idea,
    The one disappointing aspect of the game was the music.
    Downloader Extraordinaire


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