Brawl-Inspired Charcalls

A Sound Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Version 1.1
  • Added Brawl Sonic and English Cloud WAV files
  • Added Mod Character WAVs (Chrom, Trump, and Shrek)
  • Added "Vanilla variation"
The Brawl Sonic and English Cloud charcalls are now used in the default variation.

The Vanilla variation has Smash 4 voices for Marth, Roy (FE), Cloud, Fox, and Sonic.

If you're updating from a previous version, you need to re-install the NUS3BANK files into your modpack. The BIN file does not need to be reinstalled since it has not changed.
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ACE RyanAnayaMc

Bringing back that one good thing from Brawl!

Remember the good old Brawl days when you had those neat wiimote sounds when you picked your character? Like you pick Mario, and the announcer says "Mario!" and then your wiimote says "Here we go!" in a Mario voice? I bet many of us missed that. I sure did, so I made a mod  to kind-of put it in Smash 4. Enter Brawl-Inspired Characalls.

It has the default announcer say the character name and then the character says a line (or a sound effect for those who don't have any lines). For example: "Meta Knight! Victory is my destiny." Stuff like that. It's also got different calls for male and female characters, so female Robin won't say "Time to tip the scales" in a male voice. Includes all the DLC characters too.

And in case you didn't like the announcer then sound effect, there's also a version without the announcer, so you just get Ike kindly telling you to prepare yourself without the announcer saying "Ike!"

The mod has English Marth/Roy as well as Brawl Fox in the NUS3BANKs, but I have included WAV files for the default Smash 4 Marth/Roy/Fox for manual patching in case you wanted something a bit more vanilla.

Includes WAV files and NUS3BANKs, as well as a quick fix to get Corrin's male vs. female calls working.



Add Japanese Announcer (i.e. Koopa instead of Bowser)
Add more mod character calls



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ACE RyanAnayaMc
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ACE RyanAnayaMc
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