Slayer Ganondorf Voice

A Sound Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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>Summary: This mod gives Ganondorf the voice of Slayer, Guilty Gear's dandy among dandies.  It has no profanity, but it does have a couple extra voice lines added via sound effects file


Standard Attacks: "Hmph!", "Hah!", "Rragh!", and "Haha hah!"

Taunts: "Stop trying to hit me and hit me!", "You bore me", and "Your weakness is insulting!"

Side-smash: "Too simple!"

Up-smash: "Uninspired!"

Down-smash: "Down ya go!"

Warlock Punch: "Here goes!" followed by "Pile Bunker!"

Side B (Grab): "Rrrrupture!"

Down B: "Mappa Hunch!"

Too close to edge: "Oh, dear"

Grab ledge: "All too easy!"

Ukemi: "Is that all?"

Swim up: " hair!"

Pick up item: "Perhaps use this?"

Stunned: "Agh, I...seem to be restrained"

Slept: "I must have...drifted off..."

Hurt: fun noises

Launched: "...Impressive!" or "Brilliant!"

Knocked out: "Ngh...well done" or "Perhaps you've some skill"

Star K.O.: "Yes! ...I feel so alive!"

Win Quote: "Victory requires many things other than strength and technique...and you have none of them", "A man cannot survive on h'orderves alone; I require something more", and "Time flies when you're having fun!"

>The SE file adds the following bonuses:

Entrance: "I shall accept your challenge"

Grab Escape: "Not bad, but not good enough!"

Up B (grab): "I see right through you!"

Final Smash: "May I bring this to a close!" followed by, "To the stars!"

>Recommendation: Trust me, if I could commission someone to do Slayer over Ganondorf, I would.  I'd definitely pay for it.

>Installation: Using smashexplorer, navigate to data/fighters/ganon/sound and drag the files in.  If want the file as something other than the default voice, add _cXX to the nus3bank file name, where XX is the slot number

This mod has not been tested.  If you test it and inform me of any issues, I'll accredit you accordingly

I've put all of the voice files I used in the download so that, if you have the nus3bank editor, you can rearrange the clips or silence them as you please

If there's any kind of weird problem with the sound effects, rest assured I will fix it when I have access to a fresh SE file.

This is definitely my favorite voice mod.  Please enjoy!



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