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Tim Allen Diddy Voice

A Sound Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

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>Summary: This mod gives Diddy Kong the voice of Tim Allen.  It has both sound effects but no profanity

>Details: His standard attack noises include, "Yeah!", "Eeey!", "Vreee!", and "Rah, ah!"

His side-taunt makes him rev up with, "Whabm babm babm!", and his up-taunt is, "No more talk!"

Tim's up-smash makes him go nuts with, "Ar ar ar!"

For his side-smash, he unleashes a grat, "ARAAAAAAAGH!"

Down-smash involves a big, "Wagh-agh-agh!"

Snag a ledge and he'll be relieved: "Oh, thank goodness for that"

A broken shield or other stun ellicits, "Big problem, huge problem"

Tim makes lethargic motor noises when put to sleep

A successful ukemi leads to a surprised but glad, "Heeey!"

Pick up a heavy item and Tim goes, "Oh yeah, I got that, ah"

He puts out a few grunts that sound like, "Higher, air" when too close to the edge of a ledge

If you can figure what the heck he says when swimming up from underwater, please let me know

If Tim takes a few hits, he'll belt out, "Oghh!" or "Oh, no!"

Getting launched gives either "Ow, ow ow, hoohoohoo!" or "Uh ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

A KO makes Tim say either, "I don't like that one bit!" or cry, "Wa ah ah ah aaaaah!"

A star KO ellicits a long, "Eeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaah!" with a little musical sendoff

For his Final Smash, he whips out two pistols and declares, "Double your power, double your fun!"

His win quotes include, "Aowegh!?" and several grunts followed by, "Yeah, what a great day"

>The sound effects file adds the following bonuses:

He makes barking noises during his tail whip attack

When crouching, he murmurs, "Heng, heng...heng"

For his clap taunt, he says, "Megh!" with each clap

Instead of the normal peanut noise when firing his guns in his Final Smash, Tim goes, "Oogh!", and their explosions are his signature "Aowegh!?"

>Recommendation: nothing to speak of

>Installation: Using smashexplorer, navigate to data/fighters/diddy/sound and drag the files in.  If want the file as something other than the default voice, add _cXX to the nus3bank file name, where XX is the slot number

This mod has been tested.  It should be good, but if you find any issues, please let me know.  

I've put all of the voice files I used in the download so that, if you have the nus3bank editor, you can rearrange the clips or silence them as you please

Please enjoy!



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