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New and improve music for Half-Life 2

Kleiner-Jay The Mass Gangsta

Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Chino Moreno, Get Busy Committee, Joseph Trapanese, Alec Puro, Daniel Ingram

All Tracks:
HL1_song3 - Prayers (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL1_song5 - Changing Room Tease (from MALL)
HL1_song6 - 'Cops Arrive' Preformed by Linkin Park (from MALL)
HL1_song9 - Dancer [Instrumental] (from MALL)
HL1_song10 & HL2_song31 - Jeff Makes Observations/Mal RX7 (from MALL)
HL1_song11 - Barry's Story (from MALL)
HL1_song15 - 'White Noise' Preformed by Linkin Park (from MALL)
HL1_song17 & HL2_song28 - Hole Drop (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL1_song19 - Misfire (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL1_song20 - Chair Slam (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL1_song21 - Dirty Cop (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL1_song25_REMIX3 - 'RAZORS.OUT' Preformed by Mike Shinoda from LP & Chino Moreno from Deftones (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_intro - HL2 Introduction + Linkin Park's 'Tinfoil' (Edited by Kleiner-Jay)
HL2_song1 - Putting A Mad Dog Down (from The Raid Redemption)
HL2_song2 - One Way Out (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song3 - 'SUICIDE MUSIC' Preformed by Mike Shinoda from LP & Get Busy Committee (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song4 - Jeff Trips In The Mirror (from MALL)
HL2_song6 - Mal vs. Helicopter (from MALL)
HL2_song7 [Ravenholm Entrance] - Jeff Walks (from MALL)
HL2_song12_long - Dog Fight (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song14 - The Arrival (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song15 - Moving Up, Part 2 (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song16 - The Last Line (from MALL)
HL2_song19 - Rama's Family Dream (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song20_submix0 - We Have Company (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song20_submix4 - Trapped (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song23_SuitSong3 - 'Danny Goes Home' Preformed by Linkin Park (from MALL)
HL2_song25_Teleporter - 'Reload' Preformed by Rob Zombie (Edited by Kleiner-Jay)
HL2_song26 - Mal Gives Barry Second Chance - Mal Unloads (from MALL)
HL2_song26_trainstation1 - Moving Up, Part 1 (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song27_trainstation2 - Andi Strung Up
HL2_song29 - Gear Up (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song30 - Danny In Police Car - Mal Gears Up (from MALL)
HL2_song32 - Trapped (from The Raid:Redemption)
HL2_song33 - Quaking Old Fuck (from The Raid:Redemption)
radio1 - 'The Perfect Stallion' by Daniel Ingram [Preformed by Michelle Creber & Madeline Peters] (from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic) Edited by Kleiner-Jay
Ravenholm_1 - We're Alone Here (from The Raid:Redemption)

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Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Chino Moreno, Get Busy Committee, Joseph Trapanese, Alec Puro, Daniel Ingram
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