The ones who would never be

A Sound Mod for GameBanana

Forever banished into nothingness, not through any fault of their own, but through the sheer negligence of the powers above them.

I don't upload most of the stuff I make. It's not always because it's bad. Sometimes, I make something great, but swiftly replace it with something greater, or never get around to fleshing out a good experiment into a full set. Other times, I toil and fumble in vein on a bad day and end up with an unacceptable product. Sometimes I don't care enough and just don't get around to it.

This is a 40mb pack containing the exemplars from my "I don't care enough to upload these and I don't use them anymore" folder. It includes many things, primarily guns (Especially automatics) but also some physics sounds.

In summary, there are:

27 Sounds for LMGs of some sort, like the M249, PKM or M60

37 Sounds for Assault Rifles, like the IMI Tavor, AK-74 or M4A1

13 Sounds for SMGs, like the TDI Vector or MP5

30 Miscellaneous Physics sounds, like bullet hits, wooden shit breaking and some stuff for a Riot Shield

9 Sounds for .44 and .357 Revolvers

17 Sounds for Sniper Rifles, ranging from 7.62s to completely hypothetical 30x150mm AMRs (Mostly 7.62s, tho)

22 Sounds for shotguns, about half of which are pumps.

And some other stuff.

I make no guarantee for quality. Some are just plain not great, others have a good kick to them but use unclean sources, etc. Quantity over quality for this one.


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Original Author
Made sounds and left them to rot
Battlefield Series Sound assets
Firearms Source 2 Team
FA:S 2 Sound Assets
Sound Assets from numerous Source Engine games.
New World Interactive
6,341 points Ranked 787th
Insurgency Sound Assets
Crysis Series Sound Assets
Rainbow Six: Vegas Sound Assets
Numerous Other Sources
I don't have the project files for most of these and couldn't tell you where each and every resource came from.


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