Female Scout Sound Pack V1.1

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A Sound Pack for Female Scout Models

A female Scout soundpack. I only saw two others and didn't care much for either so I decided to make my own. I made this soundpack with Ayesdyef's female Scout in mind, and I think it works pretty well, but it can be used with the other female scout that's on the site if you want to. The soundpack isn't at the quality I would have liked it; my mic - while decent - is starting to show it's age so some lines have some bad crackling in them. However when I tested the lines in game they weren't that distracting. I've titled the pack with a V1 because when I get a better microphone in a few months I plan to rerecord the sounds with improved quality and better emotion. With that said enjoy the pack! UPDATE: Fixed four lines that were reported to have had my voice and the original Scout's voiced mixed. If anyone finds more let me know and I'll fix them.



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  • 6y
    janoogady avatar
    janoogady Offline
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    - Perfect voice fit


    - Need to show a little more emotion
  • 6y
    You have a great voice with this, I like how you put emotion in the quotes. The thing I am always seeing is how the put too much of a girl in the voice. Your voice isn't high pitched (THANK GOD), but it's still a bit girly in my tastes. ANother thing is, come up with your own quotes! That's the MALE Scout! Create your own quotes to give more or what a FEMALE Scout would be like... :3

    I am currently doing my own soundpack! I'll send you a few demos if you want. Contact me! amychananime@yahoo.com
    I don't know.
  • 6y
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    - Actual female voices
    - Much better than just high pitched scout


    - Make a female sound pack for other classes, like the Spy or the Engineer
    Portal Exp
  • 6y
    yeloka12 avatar
    yeloka12 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    could anyone tell me how to install this sound thingy kthxbai.
  • 7y
    lionSpirit avatar
    lionSpirit Offline
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    I like it :)


    The cake is not a lie...
  • 7y
    Grenth84 avatar
    Grenth84 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    To be honest, the sounds aren't actually loud enough. When I'm playing, the Female scout's voice is really hard to hear compared to all the other classes (it's like she is whispering). Besides the low volume, I love the pack!
  • 7y
    ActionJackson avatar
    Member Joined 8y
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    Other Female Scout soundpacks have a major lack of feeling and attitude in the lines, and just plainly sound like someone sitting around reciting lines.

    While this one does much better, it is still lacking in those departments.
    Whosit has the Whatsit
  • 7y
    Deraj avatar
    Deraj Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    A very good replacement, from what I can see. You definitly have the attitude, but one of the lines in the preview bugs me. XD

    "Let's waste them." should be "Let's waste 'em!"
    The little things make all of the difference in the world. I'm not sure if I'm going to download this, MAINLY because even though I've been looking for a female scout soundpack, and a good excuse to install AyesDyef's excellent model... I'm also working on my own Scout skin. When I'm done, however, this will definitely be the soundpack I download. I like your work, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but you also did the voicing for ChemicalAlia's Female Medic, right?


    Frozen Solid
  • 7y
    The only ones I found, that had yours and the scouts voice mixed are scout_stunballhit08 scout_apexofjum03-05. other than that really awesome! thank you


  • 7y
    Hunt3rXD avatar
    Hunt3rXD Offline
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    Here is a skin for female scout.
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    I am coming to get you boy!
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Recorded over the course of a week and a half. Listened to the Scout's line multple and tried to match the delivery doing multiple takes. Audio was recorded in audacity. I plan to make an improved version with better acting and better sound quality once I get a new microphone.
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