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This is my very first hack, an attempt at updating the original Shantae in Sonic Mania Mod done by Matyi2002. This hack updates Shantae's sprites and animations to better fit Mania's DLC content, while also making her playable in Encore mode! This is still a WIP, but I will be adding more in the future!



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Development Info

When the Shantae for Sonic Mania hack first came out, I was super excited. Shantae HGH had just come out for me, so I had a blast fighting my way through both Sequin Land and Dr. Eggman's stages, savoring every minute. However, when the update for Sonic Mania Plus came along, I was sure that this mod would get updated for it. Sadly, it didn't come to pass, and the newer mod using Shantae's appearance from HGH didn't sit well with me. Seeing hand drawn sprites turned into 16-bit pixels looked awful to me, and I felt the original mod looked way better. Still, with no one else updating it, I figured I could give it my best (and first) shot! 

I used GIMP 2.10, GraphicsGale, Sonic Mania Palette Editor (Mania Pal) and the RSDK Animation Editor to put this together. All resources can be found easily via GameBanana or Google, and all are free and easy to use! Don't be shy about tutorials, though. 

Currently, this Shantae hack is even more of a WIP than the original, as almost everything from Matyi2002's hack had to be removed/altered to prevent the game from crashing or freezing. As of this post, this is version 0.1. New elements included:

* New victory animation based on Shantae's transformation dance from Risky's Revenge
* New intro for Chemical Plant Zone, using modified frames from Shantae's bored animation from Pirate's Curse
* Custom sprites for her jump and Super transformation
* Color fixes to the original sprites to prevent game breaking color problems
* Removed Press Garden assets from original mod to prevent crashing during PGZ Act 2
* Modified Shantae's underwater palette to prevent the game from crashing during underwater segments, such as Chemical Plant Zone and Green Hill Zone (Colors themselves are still WIP, so Shantae may have some unusual coloring in these segments)

Things to add in future releases:

* Custom/Placeholder frames for animations such as spinning in a fan, using poles, going through helix loops, and getting frozen
* Restore Matyi2002's original additions, including the custom sounds, Stage Clear title card, and Pirate's Curse style Lightning Shield.
* Custom frames for animation-specific scenarios, such as the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine and Mirage Saloon's bar chairs. 
* Updating colors for specific stages, to ensure Shantae is colored properly when underwater. This includes both Shantae and Super Shantae. 

Known Bugs

* Super Shantae's transformation sequence is a few frames off from her actual placement. Depending on where she transforms, she may clip into level geometry. Avoid this by transforming in an open area, or by changing to another character before transforming in Encore mode. 
* Chibi Shantae's colors still partially rely on the old color palette, so her running animation may become discolored.
* Chibi Shantae currently has no Super palette, and uses her default colors and animations during her Super form. The Super abilities and particle effects work as normal. 

Lastly, HUGE shoutout to DOA687 of DeviantArt for the custom jump and transformation sprites! You're the best, bro!


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