Doki Doki Studiopolis Club

A Skin Mod for Sonic Mania

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Doki Doki Studiopolis Club version 3
  • Addition Custom zone titlecard name for Studiopolis Act 1. Monika hacked the game and scrambled Studiopolis Act1 name in Base64.
  • Addition New messages to find in the LED panels in Act 1. Manga is Literature!!!!
  • Addition New sprites for the decoration of the tv stores in act 1 and for the Lotto machine in Act 2. Doki Doki!
This mod is also published in Doki Doki Mod Community Discord and Reddit.

Planned Changes for Version 4:
- Add the "Doki Doki!" sfx sample to the music.
- Edit the sprites of the Amy Robot and the mini Eggman machines in Metallic Madness Act 2 to Monika Robots and Natsuki piloting the mini machines.

I'm searching for people that is good with sprites for sprite editing the planned changes. Contact me on Discord or via DM in my profile.

If somebody wants to record this mod on Youtube, please send me the youtube link.

Give criticism related to the mod, without insulting and swearing, and don't be biased with your personal opinions of the Doki Doki Literature Club original game. This mod was made with love for the Sonic and the Doki Doki Literature Club fans.
Doki Doki Studiopolis Club version 2
  • Improvement Color palettes of Monika, Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri stickers. Thanks to Axanery.
  • Removal Removal of the fan art TV screen image.
  • Improvement Improvement to the final image after defeating the boss.
  • Addition Boss music with vocals! Let Monika sing to you her first verse at the rythm of the Boss music. Thanks to Zolton1956 for loop points.
  • Addition Custom zone titlecard name.
  • Addition Changed the TV screen images. Let Yuri give a close look to you!
  • Addition New messages to find in the flipping panels.
Thanks to Axanery for the help in the improvement of the color palette, and Zolton1956 for the loop points.
If somebody still thinks the color palettes are bad and wanna help me improve this, you can contact me on my Discord. There were some little details in the palette thanks to the cycling colors, but you can remember that Monika is NOT a good programmer, so she will left small errors here and there...
This mod is also published in Doki Doki Mod Community Discord and Reddit.
Also, don't forget to check with your favourite music player the special note Monika wrote for you in the properties of the ogg.

And also, give criticism related to the mod, without insulting and swearing, and don't be biased with your personal opinions of the Doki Doki Literature Club original game.
[Updated version 3 on 01-12-18]

This Mod is not suitable for children or those easily disturbed with anime girls from a psychological horror visual novel :p

"Hi! It's me, can you hear me...?

Well, since you saved us and we still are on your computer, we started to visit the different files you have, and we found this amazing game! So, I have a surprise for you: I inserted the four of us in Sonic Mania, so you can keep loving me when you play this game!"

This mod does subtle changes in Studiopolis Zone (both acts), bringing the four Dokis into Sonic Mania, using sprites of Doki Doki Literature Club, adapted in the best possible way to the color palette of the game. Monika, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki controls the Weather Machine boss and left you images and messages in the tv screens, LED panels, Lotto Machine and flipping word panels. Now with custom title cards for both levels and boss music.

The use of the sprites and music is authorized, according to Team Salvato's IP guidelines for DDLC.

See it in a little video by Zoey the Fox:



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Mod Creator
CPG Yuri -Nurse Raphaela
Edition, adaptation and coloring of the sprites according to game's color palette, custom music.
Original Content Creators
Team Salvato
Creator of the sprites in the game Doki Doki Literature Club, used in the boss battle. The team authorizes use of the sprites in mods by their IP's guidelines and Monika's vocals.
Tee Lopez
Original Eggman Boss 2 music.
Special Thanks
Doki Doki Modding Club Discord
Special Thanks, support and they publish the mod in the mod list.
Doki Doki Fan Club Discord
Special Thanks and support.
Axanery Joined 4mo ago
SM Manager Sonic CD Manager
1,317 points Ranked 3696th
10 medals 1 legendary 2 rare
  • 2017 Top Contributor Medal icon
  • Achieved Game Manager clearance Medal icon
  • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
  • Submitted 1 Tool Medal icon
  • Returned 100 times Medal icon
  • Submission featured Medal icon
Color palette improvements.
Zolton1956 avatar Team Nega Flag
Team Nega
Zolton1956 username pic Joined 3mo ago
Team Nega Flag Affiliation: Team Nega
148 points Ranked 22758th
Music loop points.
AyanamiRei0 Joined 2y ago
827 points Ranked 5795th
Special Thanks and support.
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