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A Skin Mod for Sonic Mania


Doki Doki Studiopolis Club version 5
  • Overhaul Boss Music: The Boss Music has been extended with Monika's wonderful vocals of the full Your Reality song. And it still loops ingame!
I'm aware of the problem with the loop with the Act 1 music, we are working on it.
If you have suggestion for things to add to the mod in other levels or ideas, please don't hesitate to comment them!

This mod is also published in Doki Doki Mod Community Discord and Reddit.

We are searching for people that is good with sprites for sprite and animation editing. Contact me on Discord or via DM in my profile.
Doki Doki Studiopolis Club version 4
  • Addition New sprites in Act 1 (thanks Thespeedyraisin!): LIT CLUB neon sign, JUST MONIKA flipping sign.
  • Addition New music in Act 1 thanks to Akira Mochizuki! Doki-Doki!
  • Addition New Natsuki animation on the projectors of Act 1, thanks to Cherryflavored-bean!
  • Overhaul EGGTV gif: Now Yuri has her BEAUTIFUL EYES and looks at you in the same way as in DDLC
  • Addition This mod now has a co-autor, Thespeedyraisin. Thanks for believing in my project, and thanks for the awesome DDLC style logo!
  • Addition This mod has a trailer modded in DDLC, with backstory and memes.
I'm aware of the problem with the loop with the Act 1 music, I'm waiting for the mixer of the song to upload his official MP3 with a loop point. You can always default to the original song or use one from other mod if this bothers you :).

This mod is also published in Doki Doki Mod Community Discord and Reddit.

We are searching for people that is good with sprites for sprite and animation editing. Contact me on Discord or via DM in my profile.
[Updated version 5 on 01-24-18]

Edit 01-24-18: Many thanks to the people that downloaded my mod and is doing videos with it, and for the nice comments in the videos, but is super dissapointing and sad that people speedruns in the level and doesn't show the things we worked hard to do like the messages or some sprites, or worse, than download old versions and do videos with them, misguiding people. So i will remove today the old versions from this site. Thank you. 

This Mod is not suitable for children or those easily disturbed with anime girls from a psychological horror visual novel :p

"Hi! It's me, can you hear me...?

Well, since you saved us and we still are on your computer, we started to visit the different files you have, and we found this amazing game! So, I have a surprise for you: I inserted the four of us in Sonic Mania, so you can keep loving me when you play this game!"

This mod does subtle changes in Studiopolis Zone (both acts), bringing the four Dokis into Sonic Mania, using sprites of Doki Doki Literature Club, adapted in the best possible way to the color palette of the game. Monika, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki controls the Weather Machine boss and left you images and messages in the LED panels and signs of Act 1, Lotto Machine and flipping word panels of Act 2. Now with custom title cards for both levels and boss music, a special Natsuki animation for the projectors of Act 1 and Just Yuri on EGGTV Act 2.

The use of the sprites and music is authorized, according to Team Salvato's IP guidelines for DDLC, and by the owners of their respective works.

See it in a little video by Zoey the Fox (version 3):



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    Mauky avatar
    Mauky username pic Joined 5y ago
    "Manga is literature"
  • 5mo
    RageMage117 avatar
    RageMage117 Joined 7mo ago
    221 points Ranked 17843rd
    I thought of this just now. Imagine Sayori smashing the ground in a depressed sort of rage, Yuri throwing knives and Natsuki shooting the letter M, in reference to that quote in act 2, as Bark hitting the floor, Bean throwing bombs and Fang shooting presumably bullets in Mirage Saloon. Heck, they could be in their weekend visit design.
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  • 5mo
    Esteban_G avatar
    Esteban_G Joined 2y ago
    195 points Ranked 19499th
    Ohh good hahahaha
    EAT IT!
  • 5moEdited 5mo
    RageMage117 avatar
    RageMage117 Joined 7mo ago
    221 points Ranked 17843rd
    Hi Natsuki. I'm pretty sure she's female though, unless you had Suburu on the mind. Yes!!! MANGA IS LITERATURE!
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  • 5mo
    I have one thing to say... WHY

    btw, nice mod

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    A guy with no life
  • 5mo
    Antiaw avatar
    Antiaw Joined 5mo ago
    138 points Ranked 24623rd
    This mod, at it's best, changes some minor details of Studiopolis that fit quite well. Most notable are the Doki Doki signs in both acts 1 and 2. The act 2 boss's changes also are decent, though the chibis there honestly feel like either the hair needs brightening, or needs slightly more detail. The boss's music also isn't that bad.

    This is where my praise ends.

    Back in act 1, the Natsuki cameo would look alright, but it needs to be cleaned up, as the colour surrounding it is to it's detriment.

    Act 2's unique assets continue this problem. Both Yuri and Monika's larger sprites have a problem with randomly coloured pixels anywhere where there is remotely any detail. I'd suggest flattening them out a bit. (Not removing shading, mind you, just the stray pixels.)

    I know this is based on Doki Doki Literature Club, but I'd say both of Yuri's appearances are also unfitting for the stage's tone. I'd say that particular Yuri might better match Titanic Monarch, though where one would put her there is a good question. In fact, where did Sayori go? The mini-TVs are an ideal spot for her, if Doki equality was the goal.

    The last thing, Act 1's music was poorly done. It literally was just Studiopolis's act 1 theme and the Literature Club's main theme played together.

    Overall, this is a mod that adds a few nice, tiny, details to Studiopolis, but is hampered by some mixed conversions of the Literature Club's art and a tone-breaking decision in act 2.
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  • 5mo
    It would be really cool to see something like this for Press Garden or Mirage Saloon Zone. I dunno, just an idea :P


    The Untalented Gamer
  • 5mo
    TheRealMew11 avatar
    TheRealMew11 Joined 6mo ago
    114 points Ranked 27755th
    how do i decode that act 1 title? i've tried decoding it in base64 but idk what else it could be
    callie is best waifu
  • 5mo
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    Flat coloring, messy sprites, dithering everywhere.

    Sorry hun, this just isn’t very good.


    wat tu hecc its modern!!1!!!11
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Mod Creators
CPG Yuri -Nurse Raphaela
289 points Ranked 14587th
Mod creator, brainstorming, sprite editing, color palette editing, Boss Music.
Sprite editing, color palette editing, brainstorming. Thank you for believing in this mod!
Original Content Creators
Team Salvato
Creator of the sprites in the game Doki Doki Literature Club, used in the boss battle. The team authorizes use of the sprites in mods by their IP's guidelines and Monika's vocals.
Tee Lopes
Original Studiopolis and Eggman Boss 2 music.
Natsuki GIF used in the Projector of Act 1. Sprite used by her permission, thank you! <3.
Akira Mochizuki
Mixer of the Studiopolis Act 1 music, used with his permission, thank you!.
Special Thanks
Doki Doki Modding Club Discord
Special Thanks, support and they publish the mod in the mod list.
Doki Doki Fan Club Discord
Special Thanks and support.
Axanery Joined 9mo ago
SM Manager Sonic CD Manager
3,031 points Ranked 1628th
14 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
  • 2017 Top Contributor Medal icon
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Color palette improvements.
Zolton1956 avatar Team Nega Flag
Team Nega
Zolton1956 username pic Joined 8mo ago
Team Nega Flag Affiliation: Team Nega
700 points Ranked 7024th
Music loop points.
AyanamiRei0 Joined 2y ago
Special Thanks and support.


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