Classic Weapons Pack

A Skin Mod for Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U & Cemu)

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Added new weapons
  • Was added Dark Set replacing Royal Guard Sword and Shield
  • Ordon Shield replacing Vocious Sickle weapon from Yigas.
  • Was added a brand new Twilight Princess Hylian Shield, modeled by Skriller, obviously replacing original Hylian Shield.
  • FIx normals for Ordon Shield and shiny effect for Ikana Mirror Shield.
  • And yes, every weapon come into its own carpet so you can choose which one do you want to use.
New models available and texture update
  • Added a custom Razor Sword based on ManikXD's models from Hyrule Warriors custom models and a sheath made it from scratch.
  • Added a Goddess Shield, with a custom texture based on DevianArt designs.
  • Updated models for Mirror Shield (now have handle) and Hyrule Warriors Knight Shield (it now have normals and a new texture)
Soldier's Shield -> Hyrule Warriors Knight Shield
Knight Shield -> Hero's Shield (MM)
Gerudo Shield -> Mirror Shield (OoT)
Steel Lizal Shield -> Ikana Mirror Shield (MM)
Rusty Shield -> Red Rusty Knight Shield
Royal Shield -> Goddess Shield
Feathered Edge -> Razor Sword
Royal Broadsword -> Gilded Sword
Boko Shield -> Deku Shield
Traveler's Sword -> Kokiri Sword
Dragon Boko Shield -> Ordon Shield

Hyrule Warriors Shield was taken from that game and ripped, edited so it fits the game, resizing the texture and removed some vertex and polygon on 3ds Max.

Hero's Shield texture was made by scratch using the Knight Shield and scaling it to fits the texture deformation.

Mirror Shield was made from scratch, first on Sketchup, and then finalized on 3ds Max--texturized and imported by this program.

Red Shield retexturized using an image from the user BLUEamnesiac on DeviantArt.

Update: Added the Kokiri Set

  • Deku Shield over Boko Shield from scratch and based on original design by Nintendo.
  • Kokiri Sword over Traveler's Sword, also made it from scratch and based on concept arts from Nintendo.
  • Kokiri Sheath over Traveler Sword's Sheath is only a retexture recolored from the original and with moved vertex so it covers the sword.

Update 2: Added Ordon Shield

  • Ordon Shield over Dragon Boko Shield, and it was a port from Twilight Princess, a retexture by me (from scratch, only referenced from the original.)

Update 3: Added Gilded Sword

  • Added Gilded Sword, a model extracted from Majora's Mask 3D, and is ported over the Royal Broadsword.
  • Added Gilded Sword Sheath, another custom model from Hyrule Warriors, over the Royal Broadsword Sheath.

Update 4: Added Razor Sword, Goddess Shield, edited Mirror Shield (OoT), edited Hyrule Warrior's Knight Shield

  • Added a custom Razor Sword based on ManikXD's models from Hyrule Warriors, and a sheath, made from scratch.
  • Added a Goddess Shield, with a custom texture based on DeviantArt designs.
  • Updated the models for Mirror Shield (it now has a handle) and the Hyrule Warriors Knight Shield (it now has normals and new textures.)



  • 7d
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    Serfrost Offline
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    Glad to see the new structure. :)  Lovely.


    Cemu Troubleshooting
  • 7d
    Retroco avatar
    Retroco Offline
    Member Joined 8d
    Can you add the different colored tunics you use in the screenshot too :D


  • 12d
    jesushb13 avatar
    jesushb13 Offline
    Member Joined 13d
    It could be fine to add the kokiri sword and the hero's bow from MM3ds and also add the Zora and Goron models from MM3ds.
  • 19d
    lemmingscanfly avatar
    Member Joined 5mo
    237 points Ranked 15818th
    I hope you add the Razor Sword.

    Also, unrelated but somebody should port The Zora Link Model from MM3D over the Zora Armor.
  • 29d
    jjscat avatar
    jjscat Offline
    Member Joined 4mo
    Looks cool, but how do you import into the game?  Is it the same for Smash modding? 
  • 29d
    WubZurg avatar
    WubZurg Offline
    Member Joined 2mo
    This is amazing! Great work :)
  • 29dEdited 29d
    Angelz avatar
    Angelz Offline
    Member Joined 10mo
    the rusty shield have a problem on the wii u, when the camera is far from the shield the skin goes back to normal, the other 3 shields are really awesome made mods.

    Update: I wish to see the kokiri shield in the future too.




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Key Authors
BLUEamnesiac from DevianArt
Creator of the Red Shield image
Blaco from facepunch forums
Creator of the Gilded Sheath and Mirror Shield
TP Hylian Shield, Demise Set Modeler
Original Authors
Omega Force/Team Ninja/Nintendo
Hyrule Warriors shield model
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