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Classic Weapons Pack - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Now with Icons and some new shields 4y
  • Addition Added TP Wooden Shield replacing Spiked Boko Shield
  • Addition Added Fighter Shield from A Link to the Past concept art and made it from scrath but based on concept arts, replace Lynel Shield
  • Addition Added Red Knight Shield from A Link to the Past concept art and made it from scrath but based on concept arts, replace Mighty Lynel Shield
  • Adjustment Icons for some weapons thanks to linkmaster2207 who made them, excluding Fighter Shield, Red Knight Shield and TP Wooden Shield.
Added new weapons 4y New models available and texture update 4y Something is missing... 4y Classic Waepons Available 4y
Soldier's Shield -> Hyrule Warriors Knight Shield
Knight Shield -> Hero's Shield (MM)
Gerudo Shield -> Mirror Shield (OoT)
Steel Lizal Shield -> Ikana Mirror Shield (MM)
Rusty Shield -> Red Rusty Knight Shield
Royal Shield -> Goddess Shield
Feathered Edge -> Razor Sword
Royal Broadsword -> Gilded Sword
Boko Shield -> Deku Shield
Traveler's Sword -> Kokiri Sword
Dragon Boko Shield -> Ordon Shield

Hyrule Warriors Shield was taken from that game and ripped, edited so it fits the game, resizing the texture and removed some vertex and polygon on 3ds Max.

Hero's Shield texture was made by scratch using the Knight Shield and scaling it to fits the texture deformation.

Mirror Shield was made from scratch, first on Sketchup, and then finalized on 3ds Max--texturized and imported by this program.

Red Shield retexturized using an image from the user BLUEamnesiac on DeviantArt.

Update: Added the Kokiri Set

  • Deku Shield over Boko Shield from scratch and based on original design by Nintendo.
  • Kokiri Sword over Traveler's Sword, also made it from scratch and based on concept arts from Nintendo.
  • Kokiri Sheath over Traveler Sword's Sheath is only a retexture recolored from the original and with moved vertex so it covers the sword.

Update 2: Added Ordon Shield

  • Ordon Shield over Dragon Boko Shield, and it was a port from Twilight Princess, a retexture by me (from scratch, only referenced from the original.)

Update 3: Added Gilded Sword

  • Added Gilded Sword, a model extracted from Majora's Mask 3D, and is ported over the Royal Broadsword.
  • Added Gilded Sword Sheath, another custom model from Hyrule Warriors, over the Royal Broadsword Sheath.

Update 4: Added Razor Sword, Goddess Shield, edited Mirror Shield (OoT), edited Hyrule Warrior's Knight Shield

  • Added a custom Razor Sword based on ManikXD's models from Hyrule Warriors, and a sheath, made from scratch.
  • Added a Goddess Shield, with a custom texture based on DeviantArt designs.
  • Updated the models for Mirror Shield (it now has a handle) and the Hyrule Warriors Knight Shield (it now has normals and new textures.)
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  • GreenZelda avatar
    GreenZelda Joined 1y ago
    107 points Ranked 85,266th
    Please, don't abandon this mod, it has so much potential!
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  • GreenZelda avatar
    GreenZelda Joined 1y ago
    107 points Ranked 85,266th
    Could you please change the names and description of the weapons?

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  • haldir307 avatar
    haldir307 Joined 13y ago
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    2y 2y
    Any chance to make them standalone?
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  • This is a fantastic mod. I really like it. The only thing, though, is that the models wouldn't show up until I moved the files out of the individual folders and into the "Model" folder in the mod folder tree. The extra layer of folders prevented CEMU from reading the model files. For clarification, I'm using the BNP version of the mod through BCML.
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  • SankEater avatar
    SankEater Joined 2y ago
    227 points Ranked 64,014th
    Thanks for updating this with a .BNP file :)
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  • onapjd avatar
    onapjd Joined 2y ago
    72 points Ranked 52,892nd
    Is there a version for the switch or will this work on the switch as it is?
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  • SalsaVerde avatar
    SalsaVerde Joined 3y ago
    I'm having issues getting this to work, I have replaced the files in my model folder, but when I load the game non of the textures load in for this. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I tried replacing the textures where the game file is located but for some reason it's not loading through. If someone could give me some insight for this it would be greatly appreciated 
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  • MedLit avatar
    MedLit Joined 4y ago
    4y 4y
    Below I will briefly list my positives and negatives for this mod to convey how I feel about it.


    A great mod for anyone wanting classic swords and shields from other Zelda games. Many of the imports are in high quality and are reasonable replacements.


    Some of the models that are imported do not stack up to the quality of some of the other installments this mod makes. (ordon sword/kakariko shield have somewhat low res textures, same with korok sword. models are fine.)

    High quality, pristine shield replacing the rusty shield. What? The lizal shields are left untouched, and it would've been a better replacement IMHO.

    Another issue I have with this mod is the fact that armaments such as the korok sword(the one and only unique blade) are a dime a dozen and in the hands of bokoblins and also travelers(as it is a replacement of the traveler's sword).


    Though I had some complaints, I consider them relatively minor when compared to the overall quality. The good outweighs the bad, so I give this mod...
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  • MarkusLS avatar
    MarkusLS Joined 4y ago
    125 points Ranked 79,750th
    Really good mod! 
    It seems I'll have to wait every blood moon for the Red Mane Lynel near Zora Domain to spawn again to get the shield, but great regardless.
    Random Person
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  • PoopGorilla avatar
    PoopGorilla Joined 4y ago
    218 points Ranked 64,913rd
    Can you maybe add the Majoras Mask Kokiri Sword? Maybe as an alternative to the Ocarina of Time Kokiri Sword or make it its own thing and replace another weapon?
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