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A Config Script for Left 4 Dead 2

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bind space "+ajump"
alias +ajump "+jump; alias ajump3 bruh; alias autoj1 autoj; hjump1; wait 16; ajump"
alias -ajump "-jump; alias ajump1 alias ajump1 autoj; alias autoj1 bruh; ajump3; hjump"
alias ajump "ajump1; ajump2"
alias ajump2 "alias ajump3 ajump1
alias ajump1 "
alias autoj "
+jump; wait 4; -jump; wait 3; autoj1"
alias autoj1 "
alias hjump "
alias hjump4 hjump3; hjump3; wait 15; alias hjump1 bruh; alias hjump4 bruh"
alias hjump3 "
alias hjump1 hjump2; wait 1; hjump4"
alias hjump2 "
alias ajump1 alias ajump1 autoj"
This is a autojump script.DISCLAIMER: this script does not bhop for you,this script is meant to help advanced bhoppers or novices by either helping them when they are unsure if they could hit another jump or for jumps in a low tunnel.This script only have a roughly 65% of hitting a bhop jump once.Unlike other scripts with the autobhop function in config files.This is like the rest it is inconsistent and may not give u a guaranteed bhop everytime.However, unlike many,this would be the best of all.In l4d2 by holding down the jump button,u can walk off edges without hanging and for this script,it is the purpose of giving players that ability to do both of that.Once again,due to valve's wait command being inconsistent sometimes cancelling the autojump and doing the "No hanging" glitch can sometimes not work but that aside this script is alot better than the other scripts out there as far as I had seen in terms of config file script.I mean really,downloading a mod that does bhop for you?That just shows how unskilled you are.No offense btw.That aside i will now tell u the instructions.
To add this script to ur l4d2.Copy and paste this in ur Autoexec.cfg that can be found in ur cfg file in the l4d2 folder.If it was copied into ur autoexec but isnt showed in game then type "exec autoexec" in ur console in-game.
To activate auto jump just hold space.For cancelling autojump and do the "No hanging" glitch,press and hold space.For those who somewhat dont understand.Press spacebar once and then press it again but dont release it.


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