Updated Pirate cap'n script

A Config Script for Dota 2

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The Pirate captain is a good example of an announcer that has unused dialogue for no particularly good reason. As such, I decided to fix that with some scripting of my own. And since valve did something on their end which made all the 'custom' lines work as intended, I can release this to the public. The updated script contains the following dialogue updates: - Denying towers - Random purchases - Hero-pick Announcements - Generic Hero-pick announcements - Picking up cheese - Teamwipes (for both the enemy and you) - Hero-kill responses (Special lines if dying hero was Kunkka or Tidehunter) - Hero-death responses - Added some lines to pre-existing response rules for variety reasons To get this working, download the scripts from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6yxsqjs9ttf1h5a/ahoymematies.rar After that, extract the contents of the .rar in your dota 2 beta/dota/scripts/talker folder. (If it doesn't exist, make one) Then you need to make dota read the scripts. Open Steam, right-click Dota 2, go in settings. From there, open Advanced settings and type "-override_vpk" in there. After that, all is well and fine.


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Key Authors
Making this whole thing
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Making the original scripts for the announcer.


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