Smash 4 EU modpack request

A Request for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

I am asking if somebody is able to help me make a mod for smash 4. As much as i want to do so myself, I have come across countless issues so I had to resort to giving up on this. I really hope somebody with a lot of free time is able to develop this for me.  Unfortunately, everything has previously been downloaded to my PC but I have had to delete them due to the very limited storage capacity. Please add an announcer call and custom nameplate to as many characters that come with them. 

Ensure that this modpack is:

• EU

• [ Slightly ] Under 2GB

• No DLC

• Wii U on 5.5.2 (if that changes anything)

• Wifi safe (aside from Wario-Man)

Menu texture: 

Skin requirements: Yarn yoshi skins added to Yoshi Pyjama ness skins added to ness Magalor skin added to ness Wii Fit Trainer football skin alts for Wii Fit Trainer Wario-Man skins added to Wario Mini mushroom texture over poison mushroom Dry Bones skins added to Bowser Jr (include only normal, blue and red) Dat Boi added to 
Greninja Almighty Loaf skin added to Jigglypuff (you know I had to do it ¯\_(._.)_/¯) Dry Bowser Skins (leave out Bowser-coloured, Pink/yellow, and EVERY new recolour aside from ice) Hoodie Diddy Kong skins added to Diddy Kong ( include only grey, light blue and pink) Concept Art Meta Knight (leave out pink and yellow) added to Meta knight Tom Nook added to villager Peanut skin for Villager J2K Mario added to Mario Paper Mario skin added to Mario Mr L skin added to luigi Mr L alt skins added to Luigi Paper Luigi skin added to Luigi Mr Glitch and Watch added to Mr G&W Yellow Mr G&W added to Mr G&W Miiverse themed Mr G&W added to Mr G&W Red cap Pikachu added to Pikachu Mimikyu skin for Pikachu Reversed shiny Pikachu added to Pikachu Jigglypool skins added to Jigglypuff (exclude black, grey and white) Gastly inspired Jigglypuff added to Jigglypuff Hoodie Mac alts OVER Wire Mac skins Classic Sonic skins added to Sonjc = Waddle Dee and Bandana Dee ( if necessary, replace over orange and grey kirby ) Wii U Rob skin added to Rob Ghost coloured Pac-Man OVER current Pac-Man skins (aside from original/ yellow) Toxic Pac-Man added to Pac-Man = AZB Pac-Man 8 bit Mega man added to Mega man

AND would you be able to add these characters with their own CSS icons: Berd with Villager’s moveset (for the memes) Toad with Dr mario’s moveset Bomberman with Mario’s moveset (include only non-shiny variants and golden Bomberman)

• Wario-Man (Final Smash character) as a standalone, if possible with the Wario-Man skins intended for Wario. If this is too difficult, leave it out. 

Huge thanks to whoever is able to create this for me. If this will exceed 2GB, I would aporeciate it if you installed the dark menu theme first, followed by the CSS requests, followed by the skins in order from last to first (I included my favourite/most needed skins last). Leave out the skins that will make the pack exceed 2GB. 
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. The Modpack completed meeting the earlier stated requirements with a link to download
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    Having fixed a modpack for someone, I can say you're going to need a lot more than 20 points to make this worthwhile. It takes time to compile the things you want correctly.
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Apr 27th, 2018
@ 7:12 am GMT+0000


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