Earthbound/Mother 3 Skins in Smash 4

A Request for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

I'm a huge fan of the Mother series, and I feel that the outfits Lucas and Ness wear are not referenced enough in Smash. I know they have skins that reference other characters, but not ones that represent their different outfits. I know some have already been modded, like Commander Lucas and Pajama Ness, but I'm talking about every alternate appearance(exept maybe naked Ness). I've included a list of alts I'd like to see.
(Not including ones I've already seen as mods on this site. If I forgot any please tell me in the comments.)


Ghost, (can the model be a tiny-bit transparent?)

PSI Teleport, (use head model from battle entrance)

Mushroomized, (maybe change the eyes to look crossed or spiraly, to add to the druggy way he acted in-game)

Diamondized, ( is there a way to do a T-pose sort of thing with no animations?)

Child, (seen in Magicant, probably hard to do because the animations would have to be redone due to his smaller size)

Naked, (Japanese Magicant, does NOT have to be done)


Pajamas, (messy hair included)

Wearing pigmask, (seen in Chimera lab)

Child+child in pajamas, (same problem with the animations)

Wearing equipable items, (some examples being the kid's shirt, good kid's shirt, and DCMC shrit Lucas mods already seen on the site, awesome eqipment is what I really want, the crown, ring, and cloak, would also have the matching equipable weapon, like the mystical stick)

Thanks is advance if any of these can be done!
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Make as many of the listed skins as possible


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Apr 13th, 2018
@ 1:32 am GMT+0000


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