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Small room with talking scientists

A Request for Half-Life

I'm in the market for a "screensaver" style map. I made one myself for Half Life Source, its a simple lab with computers that scientists walk around and "act busy" in spots and their AI allows them to talk to each other.

Not asking for a miracle, this can literally be a small office with a locked door, 2 scientists hunched over a computer, 1 walking back and forth and a barney by the door.

Just ask you make it look believable at least, wall decor, the like. 

For completion, set the flags on 2 of 3 of the scientists to post-disaster; only one scientist will use pre-disaster questions/answers/comments.

This small room will be the entire map.

Have any questions, just ask.

Bounty Contributors

KonataHamster 50 points 8d
KonataHamster 100 points 23d
KonataHamster 100 points 24d
KonataHamster 20 points 24d


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Small simple yet nicely made room with "indefinite" scripted sequences (such as in the C1A0 maps where they pace the floor and look at stuff)
  2. 3 to 4 scientists, 1 barney. Ensure they can all "talk" to each other. 1 of these scientists is to be marked to use pre-disaster sentences.
  3. Use prefabs, make it look good, it doesn't have to be amazing, just follow the designs of existing offices from Black Mesa --- or use one as a template, its really that simple.
  4. Be as creative as you like, just not ridiculous.


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Apr 5th, 2018
@ 1:31 am GMT+0000


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