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Advanced rotating doors tutorial

A Request for Half-Life

not your typical rotation

Please, could someone make a quick tutorial (or explain to me) how func_rotating_door works. It's easy to make simple door, but when I need it to make a hatch, for example, all hell breaks loose (I just can't make it to rotate the way I want it).

The particular things I stumble are:

• how to make a door opening towards the player.

• how to make a hatch / a lid.

• how to control the degree of the rotation.


Thanks in advance.


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    the rmf i linked shows a simple hatch(func_door_rotating) that opens upwards only.

    "• how to make a door opening towards the player."
    in flags set it to "one-way" then use the "distance (deg)" setting in a + or - amount depending on how far and what direction you want the door to go.

    "• how to make a hatch / a lid."
    Check the rmf i have linked. shows the settings i used to make it open upwards only.

    "• how to control the degree of the rotation."
    I answered that in my first response. The setting to use is "distance(deg)"
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    To make a hatch you need to make it rotate around the X or Y axis instead of Z. What is happening when you are making the door? What's your pitch yaw roll?
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    I don't have a map editor on me to help you right now, but looking through the .fgd I could maybe give some insight.

    Make sure you have an origin brush inside of the brush where you want the rotation axis to be.

    Flags 64 and 128 control which axis the door will rotate (from the origin brush) and you can reverse their direction with flag 2.

    There are plenty of tutorials out there already, pointless imo to make a bounty on it, even if it's easy points.
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Mar 14th, 2018
@ 11:13 am GMT+0000


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