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[Animation] Better Conscientious Objector Inspection

A Request for Team Fortress 2

Basically, you know that feature where if you hold "f" or whatever inspect key, it starts the inspect, and holds it in position, then when you let go, it plays the rest and finishes?

Well, I was kinda bummed that you can't hold the Objector's inspect for the other side, so you can admire your decal for as long as you want. (I don't have an NSFW one, I just really like the ones I've made here: Though, if others have NSFW Objectors, I imagine they'd appreciate this very much, too.)

To clarify, I mean that I'd like an animation that has your character's first inspect motion be to flip it to the decal side, then flips it back to the correct side when done inspecting.

Bounty Contributors

Mudkip3003 20 points 3d
Mudkip3003 20 points 6d
Mudkip3003 30 points 8d
Mudkip3003 10 points 13d
Mudkip3003 20 points 13d


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Inspect animation for the Conscientious Objector that holds on the decal side and ends on the back side


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    yeah its pretty gay, but then all of the other all class weapons would be rotated the wrong way
    Metal up your ass.


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Mudkip3003 with 100 points


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Mar 14th, 2018
@ 5:24 am GMT+0000


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