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Improved Combine MP7

A Request for Half-Life 2

MP7 with XM203 Grenade Launcher, A newer MP7 model for Half-Life 2 and hopefully able to work right in it's episodes and HL:2 DM, I feel the MP7 could have newer animations, XM203 could have its own animations and reloading animations? I thought it would be cool if someone made this.

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  1. This is the first time I've really done anything on this site and just wondering if someone could make this possible


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    heh I had a similar idea to this a long ass time ago well before this mini XM203 was thought up only my concept art and design used a combine built MP7 with and integral 20x85mm grenade launcher using the same 20mm grenade from the cut OICW :P

    Tho this XM203 is something new to me guess im gona have to look it up .... its rare for me to be unaware of new military hardware :/ guess I must be getting old -_-

    EDIT : Ah never mind its a fictional airsoft toy .... tho the idea is novel ... too bad it isn't a real UGL as I think it could have RL potential military applications especially if it used 20x85mm smart munitions seeing as 40mm shells are way too big and powerful for something that small. :/


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Mar 19th, 2018
@ 4:44 pm GMT+0000


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