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A Request for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

murderer kitty

Dex-Starr (or Dexter) was a normal house cat, until one day a thief broke into his owner's apartment, and killed her, afraid that Dexter might contaminate the crime scene, the cops kicked him out, he was then kidnapped by teenagers and thrown out of a bridge hoping to see him drown, but then, a red ring sensed the rage in his heart.

Dex-Starr of Earth, you have great rage in your heart, you belong to the Red Lantern Corps

Usually what happens when a Red Lantern gets his ring for the first time, they go on a blind murder spree, killing everything in sight, curiously tho this didn't happen with Dex-Starr, instead of killing the kidnappers, he went to the body of his owner and he made a promise...

I find one who hurt you...
I kill...
I good kitty...

Dex-Starr has gained a lot of popularity since his origin story was revealed, and i can perfectly see him over Duck Hunt for obvious reasons, and before you say "What about the Duck?" just make him red to look like a construct, even tho most Red Lanterns can't make constructs through comic book logic (And by that i mean Dex-Starr licked the blood of a Red Lantern who can make constructs) he gained the ability to do so.


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Make it.


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    This and Atrocitus over Bowser would be amazing.
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    The internet.
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    ok while this could maybe possibly be cool if done well, I don't see myself or others downloading and using this skin, unless you are an avid DC fan, and further more and avid Green lantern fan. I think I'd rather have a cool recolor than this kind of model swap, but that's just me.
    Lol whats the point of this
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    I agree with this 


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Feb 6th, 2018
@ 3:05 pm GMT+0000


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Yo, buddy. Mascot

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