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CS:GO Weapons

A Request for Half-Life 2

I like CS:GO weapon models, how about this :
Default CT knife (M9 bayonate) over the crowbar
USP-S (with a silencer) over the pistol
R8 revolver over the .357 magnum
UMP-45 or the unused MP5 with a custom grenade launcher over the SMG
M4A1-S (with a silencer) with a custom grenade launcher
Sawed-Off over the shotgun
Maybe AWP over the crossbow
HE grenade over the grenade launcher
Smoke grenade over bugbait

Bounty Contributors

Doctor Twilight 22 points 4mo
Doctor Twilight 20 points 4mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Default CT knife (M9 bayonate)
  2. USP-S
  3. UMP-45 or the MP5 with a grenade launcher
  4. M4A1-S with a grenade launcher
  5. Sawed-Off
  6. HE grenade
  7. Smoke grenade
  8. Worldmodels
  9. All animations intact*
  10. 2017 sounds



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The Bounty

Available Bounty
42 points
Total Contributions
Top Contributor
Doctor Twilight with 42 points
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Dec 6th, 2017
@ 10:52 pm GMT+0000


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