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Sonic over Luigi (Request)

A Request for Super Mario 3D World

So, I like Sonic. I like Mario 3D world. What if the two came together... as a mod. Now before you say "Why not put it over Toad, he's the fastest!" It's because Luigi is (a) tall, (b) has the highest jump, and (c) he is second-fastest. If ui mods are a thing, go ahead and add extra life and Character Select icons. And if you wanna go the extra mile, add power-up forms. Here's what the power-ups should be: Fire: Red Sonic. Tanooki: Plaster Sonic's face over Luigi's. Cat: Same idea as tanooki but make him blue. I hope someone makes this a thing but I don't think many people know about the SM3DW molding scene enough to care. A model I suggest using would be the Sonic Unleashed model. It's fairly high poly so I think it would flow well with the game's aesthetic. I made a mockup but it uses the smash 4 model and the mockup kinda sucks.

Bounty Contributors

Sonicgamer11 35 points 4mo
Jasoncrafter82YT 30 points 4mo
Jasoncrafter82YT 20 points 4mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Add Sonic over Luigi.
  2. Add ui + voice (not required)
  3. Add power-up forms (not required but highly requested)



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The Bounty

Available Bounty
85 points
Total Contributions
Top Contributor
Jasoncrafter82YT with 50 points
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Mar 4th, 2018
@ 9:39 am GMT+0000


Date Added


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