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A Request for Team Fortress 2

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Someone make a SCA that's working, please! There was a previous request to make another SCA, but it's now just nowhere. Also a tutorial on how to use it would be nice. :)

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    The SCA I made works as far as I know. However, it's more of a mod creator resource, not a mod itself (Unless you want to combine stock animations with custom ones)

    CCA is essentially how TF2 loads the animations normally, while SCA uses techniques that, as the name states, separates each set of weapon animations into their own files

    CCA gained some slight popularity when Valve allowed custom animations on default servers for a short period of time. SCA caused crashes, so CCA was pretty much mandatory.
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    My request was that someone needs to make a tool that turns CCA (combined custom animations) into SCA (seperate custom animations). Again, with SCA, you can customize animation overhauls. 

    For example, I could use Fiopon's Revolver Reload Reanimation, The Sniper VS Spy Sapper animation, the default knife animations, Spy Overhaul watch animations, and Max Box's Dead Ringer Animation.
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Oct 30th, 2017
@ 1:46 pm GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. A working version of SCA
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