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I WANT YOU (Spray Request)

A Request for Team Fortress 2

I WANT YOU Spray is something I've always wanted to use in TF2, but when i try to look for one, i find some that r representing the Solider VS Demo war, and I found a rly sh*ty one that's way to big, i just want one that looks exactly like the original I want you poster, but with red, or blu, solider, and that it actually looks like a a poster that a person would put up in real life, like its a little tilted. I would just make one my self but i'm still trying to figure out how to do that. So can some one who knows how to make spray PLZ make this?

P.S Its not just for me, its other people too. I'm not a greedy selfish d*ck head 


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Looks like a real poster that some one would put up in real life
  2. Little tilted to make look realistic
  3. Looks exactly like the I WANT YOU poster but with solider (Doesn't matter Which color)
  4. It DOESN'T HAVE TO say "U.SARMY Nearest recruiting station"



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Nov 15th, 2017
@ 7:24 pm GMT+0000


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