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My Custom Soundtrack

A Request for Half-Life 2

Suit theme : Goldeneye Source - Goldeneye intro (gunbarrel) by Lynden "Tweaklab" Woodiwiss
GMan beginning scene : Rick and Morty - For the damage coda (evil Morty theme)
hl2_song1 : Black Mesa - Power Up
hl2_song2 : Goldeneye Source - Caverns theme by Greg "Sole Signal" Michalec
hl2_song3 : Goldeneye Source - For England
hl2_song4 : Goldeneye Source - Runway theme by Trent "Basstronix" Robertson
hl2_song6 : Goldeneye Source - Short of time
hl2_song7 : Black Mesa - Office Complex
hl2_song8 Questionable Ethics 2
hl2_song10 : The Stanley Parable - Countdown music
hl2_song11 : Goldeneye Source - Dam theme by Yannick "GoldenZen" Zenh?usern
hl2_song12_long : Black Mesa - Foget About Freeman
hl2_song13 : Goldeneye Source - Surface theme by Yannick "GoldenZen" Zenh?usern
hl2_song14 : Black Mesa - Surface Tension 4
hl2_song15 : Goldeneye Source - Control X
hl2_song16 : Black Mesa - Lambda Core
hl2_song17 : Portal Stories VR - VR Hub
hl2_song19  : Black Mesa - Apprehension
hl2_song20_submix0 : Goldeneye Source - A Classy Deathmatch
hl2_song20_submix4 : Black Mesa - Surface Tension 1
hl2_song23_suitsong3 : Black Mesa - Black Mesa theme
hl2_song25_teleporter : Goldeneye Source - Cradle theme by Yannick "GoldenZen" Zenh?usern
hl2_song26 : Black Mesa - Inbound Part 2
hl2_song26_trainstation1 : Goldeneye Source - The Watch ghetto remix
hl2_song27_trainstation : Goldeneye Source - Library theme by Yannick "GoldenZen" Zenh?usern
hl2_song29 : Goldeneye Source -  Cradle theme by Trent "Basstronix" Robertson
hl2_song30 : Black Mesa - Blast Pit 1
hl2_song31 : Goldeneye Source - Control theme by Trent "Basstronix" Robertson
hl2_song32 : Portal Stories VR : The Sphere
hl2_song33 : Black Mesa - Blast Pit 3
Radio : A = Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites midi; B = Luigi`s Mansion 1 - Catching a ghost; C = Battle Block Theater - Buckle Your Pants; D = Rick and Morty - Get Shwifty; E = Doctor Who - 1963 main theme; F = Team Fortress 2 - Solider of dance (Kazurky kick)


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. All of that


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Oct 15th, 2017
@ 8:43 pm GMT+0000


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