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Playable Linkle Mod

A Request for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Alright so I assume you already see what I'm getting at here from the title. I'm hoping someone with the knowledge to mod Wii U games would be willing to make a mod replacing Link with Linkle from Hyrule Warriors. I understand refitting outfits may be a concern, but since Linkle doesn't have much of a feminine look aside from her face and hair, I figure mesh and texture edits for the face and hair would cut it. That said, if anyone is willing to take up this request, do as much as you want, but the face and hair would probably be all that would absolutely need to be changed for a nice attempt at such a mod. Thanks for your time!


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Mesh and texture edits to Link's face and hair to make it resemble Linkle.


  • 8mo
    I absolutely second this. The biggest thing I've been wanting out of the game is a female protagonist I could play, and Linkle's the perfect candidate for that. Even if they couldn't get her model directly from Hyrule Warriors, the SFM model out there looks pretty good.
  • 9mo
    If they decide to add a Linkle DLC set, then she'll be unlocked as a new playable character after the full story mode is completed as Link
  • 9mo
    While it is possible it would be a pain in the ass to do, currently i was trying to do the mod to swap link for zelda, even with models from the same game it is a huge pain in the ass. If the exporting software for models was better than it would be more possible.


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Nov 3rd, 2017
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