How About Zelda Over Link?

A Request for Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U & Cemu)

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This skin would be great for a second play-through.  I'd love to be staring at that legendary ass as I go through Master Mode. 

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    I can't wait to play as Zelda and fulfill this desire to review the old story of "I am not Zelda!"
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    I love the idea of this but I love the sketches even more. Where did you find these?
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    If they decide the Princess Zelda edition of Breath of the Wild with her as an playable character, she'll do the same way the Link does, especially include tame wild horses
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    You probably won't have much luck if you plan on just swapping models. The dress wouldn't work, hair is all physics and the animations wouldn't work or would deform the body. Best possible way is to model her body in proportion to link, rig it over him. Hair is more complicated but can be done as I have successfully made it work with some bone edits. Still need to find a better armor though that would give better movement for it. If anyone wants to try and make a good enough model then I could try getting it working. 

    I might end up waiting to see if DLC 2 provides a model of her.
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  • 26dEdited 22d
    It is possible if some shortcuts are taken, instead of modeling all links armor for zelda just copy her default clothing models to all links armor, only way it would be done in any resnable time.

    Edit 1
    After thinking about it, and doing a little work i decided to attempt this project. I finally got the models to load in 3ds max and was able to extract the .pack with links textures in it then repack them so that the game doesnt crash. That was harder than i thought but anyways. I am thinking for version one replacing only the head and hair to minimize the amount of armor changes needed, then to do a full on remodeling of the peoples.

    Edit 2, After further investigation the only instance of her in the game modles is her in the white dress, i am guessing the other outfit only occurs in the cutscenes as i havent completed the game yet. anyways i can possible make a version but it will have her hair and face from white dress model, She only has legs and a dress in the model, no body bettween feet and sholders.

    Edit 3, Having a lot of trouble rigging up the hair, good news is i have been able to actually make small edits and export the files. I also went threw all the armor files and renamed them based on what the armor was, so others may find that useful later on if i post a name convertion list.
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  • 27d
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    I believe this just falls into the category of "not hard, just time consuming". 

    Someone is bound to do this at some point. Using matching sounds from either Smash or Hyrule Warriors would make it even better. (different voice actress, I know, but I'm not familar with *this* VA's work to know how close in sound her other roles are)
  • 27d
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    You'd have to do a fuckload of remodeling to make all of the armor fit Zelda, as nice as it would be, it's probably not happening.
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    Use one of the model imports from Smash Wii U and put it over Link in BOTW

    Sounds like a good idea.


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Oct 12th, 2017
@ 11:30 pm GMT+0000


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  1. If the character models could be swapped that would be amazing. tracking pixel