Dark Link in MK8 (100 points bounty)

A Request for Mario Kart 8

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How cool would it be to place Dark Link over Link in MK8?

Dark Link is a canon villain from The Legend of Zelda, appearing in multiple Zelda and Smash Bros games.

I figure it shouldn't even be too difficult to make this mod, considering there is already a "Black Tunic Link" mod (from nothesmartest).

Unfortunately I'm too new and unexperienced to modding to make this, can someone help?
Thanks in advance.

Update: most of the Request has been submitted by Lloyd Nabbit, now only two things are left to do to complete the Request, and receive the reamaining 40 points: red eyes and grey trousers.

Update: Lloyd Nabbit has successfully completed the request.

Bounty Recipients

The members below were awarded the Request bounty.

Lloyd Nabbit 40 points Congratulations Lloyd Nabbit! You have succesfully completed the request, the final result is awesome! Great job! Don_Theo 1mo
Lloyd Nabbit 60 points Thank you Lloyd Nabbit! Excellent work! You have completed most of the Request, the skin is now missing only red eyes and grey/black trousers and boots. Don_Theo 1mo

Bounty Contributors

Don_Theo 40 points 1mo
Anonymous 10 points 2mo
Don_Theo 5 points 2mo
Don_Theo 10 points 2mo
Don_Theo 5 points 3mo
Don_Theo 10 points 3mo
Don_Theo 20 points 3mo


  • 3d
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    Where can I find pikachu model for cs player skin
  • 3d
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    victormr21 Offline
    Member Joined 6mo
    374 points Ranked 11282nd
    In the first picture, I'm which track are you playing? Seems a mod
  • 1mo
    YoshiLOL avatar
    YoshiLOL Offline
    Member Joined 2mo
    159 points Ranked 21355th
    Was actually working on one a very long time ago. Sadly, I got carried away with some other stuff and I just saw today that somebody already made the mod. Welp, there goes my work XD

    Anyways, nice job Lloyd Nabbit! Look's really good
    Ayy Lmao


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100 points
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100 points
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Don_Theo with 100 points


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Dec 8th, 2017
@ 3:27 pm GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Upload a .szs file to replace Link with Dark Link as a driver in MK8. Important: face and hair must resemble the images.
  2. The file should work when placed in "0005000 > 1010EC00 > content > drivers "
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