Spyro The Dragon (Classic)

A Request for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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I have found several Crash models on Gamebanana, he's a lot more compatible than Spyro The Dragon overall. The only content I've seen for this game based on the Spyro series is the Lofty Castle texture over Palutena's Temple.

An issue to use any other character will force Spyro to stand up on two feet instead of four (sometimes he does stand on two feet). Duck Hunt lacks a flame or charge plus this is a Duo character or trio. So is Spyro almost incompatible with the whole roster unless you edit animations?

In Brawl, only Ivysaur has several available Spyro model hacks. Only few exist most likely to due with his compatability vs. the whole roster.

For the Duck however maybe it could be Sparky but he's too small to be the Duck.


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    I was thinking of making this a mod I might do this later when I'm finished with my other projects.
    Gu-Hu. I'm Banjo MAN
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    I actually think Duck Hunt would work the best because you can make the duck the firefly.

    There may still be proportion issues though obviously but that's really the best we got right now without a complete overhaul on a character to give Spyro his own move set.


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Duck Hunt
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Aug 6th, 2017
@ 9:00 pm GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Create a skin based on the Classic Variant of Spyro (not Skylanders or Legend
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