Clock Town Stage Fix

A Request for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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The Clock Town Stage Mod is in dire need of some help: for ages, putting over regular Big Battlefield has crashed the game for several people. While the normal layout can be put over omega big battlefield, this doesn't fix the other problem that one of it's ledges is broken. This is a fantastic stage mod, and it deserves to be the best it can be. Who will step up to the plate and whip it into shape?


  • 2mo
    I'm just going to summarize what needs fixing and what we know here:

    For multiple people, putting the stage over regular Big Battlefield causes the game to crash when they attempt to load it, despite correctly placing the files for doing so. Some have theorized it had something to do with region, as more than one of the people who reported it crashing were using PAL copies of the game. 

    However, it crashed for me, and I'm using the NTSC version, so clearly, it's some other, more minute factor at play. This will by far be the trickiest issue to solve.

    The other issue is one with one of the stage's ledges; some people have said they warp to it at weird angles, others say that they just can't grab it if they haven't taken damage or used a special move to reach it. Multiple people have said this is an easy fix, but none have ever published the necessary files to fix it.

    Someone has also suggested polishing up the maps UVs, so if you wanna do that I won't stop you. There are also two things you can do for extra points: 1. Create proper ui for putting the stage over regular Big Battlefield, since that will obviously be useful if we can fix the crash issue. And 2. Add in the moon from MM3D. It can be entirely static, I don't mind. It'd just be nice to finally have added since KTH has left the mod abandoned so long.  
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  • 2mo
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    I put it over regular Big Battlefield and it loaded fine, but the background was completely white.
  • 2mo
    JDash avatar
    JDash Offline
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    The UV also needs some touch ups I reckon..
  • 2mo
    CmpGarbage avatar
    CmpGarbage Offline
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    Looking in Smash Forge, there's a random set of three edges inside the platform with no length/width? I'll try removing them and see if that fixes the ledge.
  • 2mo
    Tinarkii avatar
    Tinarkii Offline
    Member Joined 8mo
    you realize a tiny change in the .lvd file fixes the bad ledge snap, right?
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Jul 31st, 2017
@ 2:43 pm GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. A Mod to fix the various issues with KTH's old Clock Town Stage mod.

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