Import Hyperdimension Neptunia models for in-game player models

A Request for Team Fortress 2

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Import Neptunia Character Models as Player Models for tf2

basically I am asking you to rip stuff from one game onto another, that shouldn't be too difficult I would hope...


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    So you wanna see the neptunia chicks get their asses blown off by rockets and bullets?

    Also what constitutes functional? This is going to require some extensive re-rigging of models, because the TF character models have invisible bones such as prop_bones which are used for fancy taunts, extra weapon bones (without which the engine will crash to desktop when an animation calls on one of those non-existent bones) ---- while there are rigged version of the neptunia girls for Source, its not a simple port and compile.

    Not to mention with the vastness of cosmetics, in Hat Fortress Barbie Princess Dressup 2: Painted gun warfare, it probably will not look well in-game.
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Jul 5th, 2017
@ 2:13 pm GMT+0000


Date Added


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. At least get one character working (completely) to receive some form of reward. Classes that the characters replace is done by your discrection as well, just make sure it is functional tracking pixel