Black Mesa realistic HECU and vehicles reskin

A Request for Black Mesa

  1. First reskin: M1A1 Abrams woodland camoflage
  2. Second reskin: V-22 Osprey realistic camo
  3. Two variants of HECU soldier reskin. First, HECU soldier uniform with M81 Woodland Camo. Example:And the second version of HECU soldier uniform camo, which includes 3 color desert camo.these pants should have green knee pads.the uniform should have US flag and HECU logo patch, it should look like thisbut with HECU patch instead of 1st Cavalry Division patchand the Vest with Helmet should have Coyote Brown camo the Medic helmet should not have red cross.
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Two versions of HECU soldier reskin
  2. Woodland M1A1 Abrams camo
  3. Realistic V-22 Osprey camo
  • Anonymous
    That's not how you define 'realistic', Realism is equivalent to real-life, they're technically the 'US Army' since they have the Abrams and Apache helicopters, but they're still called Marines for some reason, also, the Army/Marines uses the "Universal Camouflage Pattern" while the Marines uses the "Desert MARPAT" camouflage.
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    I think the definition of Realistic kinda comes into question here.

    And in all honesty, realistically it would make more sense for a desert-based combat unit to have that chocolate chip camo on their osprey, as is in the retail. In fact, it would make MORE sense if all their equipment matched that. Instead, however they have a mix of woodland and urban camo equipment.

    Perhaps this would intrigue you some, on the matter of marine uniforms.
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Jan 4th, 2019
@ 9:22 am GMT+0000


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